Republic of Serendipity

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Republic of Serendipity
FlagCoat of Arms

Ducimus ad Alta (We Lead to the Summit)
Hail Serendipita, The Yellow Rose of Texas
Concan Texas, Brazoria Texas
Capital citySerendipity
Largest citySerendipity
Official language(s)English
GovernmentLiberal Despotism
- Supreme DirectorGustav Silbermann
- Vice DirectorJacob Roman
- Type - Unicameral
EstablishedOctober 21, 2010
Area claimed16.3 Acres

The Republic of Serendipity commonly known as Serendipity and formerly the Empire of Serendipity is a micronational Centrist Dictatorship headed by Supreme Director Gustav Silbermann. It was founded in 2010 as an Empire. In June 2011 a peaceful governmental transition was made where the Empire became a Republic. Gustav Silbermann then Emperor became Il Capo di Stato then later Supreme Director and retained the title of Emperor until September 2011. The Republic of Serendipity is a single party state, this being said both conservative and liberal ideas are found in Parliament. The general political ideology however is centrism, combining social and economic ideas that have resulted in a powerful and unified republic.


Serendipity meaning a pleasant surprise was given to the nation before it had even become independent. In the 1960's The Henersons moved onto what would become the Empire and latter Republic of Serendipity. As life was so pleasant there the property was dubbed Serendipity. To this day the Emperor's title maintains the fact that he is the protector of all things Serendipitous.


The Republic of Serendipity was first settled in the 1960's by the Henderson family. The area they had been living on was affectionately dubbed Serendipity. Life proceeded to be wonderful and serendipitous there in the Hill Country of Texas. In late October 2010 it was declared to be an independent and sovereign nation. The Empire of Serendipity was born rapid annexation of other provinces added to the Empire and things continued normally for a period of time. War was declared on Myanmar (formerly Burma) to bring an end to oppression there in early January 2011. This war continued until June 17, 2011 when the new Republican Government declared that the war had been won. On June 16, 2011 the government switched from the Monarchy to the Republican form of Government. Many advancements have been made in the field of science, including a micronational space race that was launched in early August 2011.

The Republic of Texas

The people of Serendipity had always been proud of the idea of Serendipity. However the population had also always been proud of the common bond of being Texan as well as Serendipitian. So it was on March 2, 2012 (Texan Independence day) that the Supreme Director declared the Republic of Serendipity to be the successor to the Republic of Texas. In this Serendipity has laid claim to the land that was the Republic of Texas, however the government does acknowledge that what is actually apart of Serendipity and controlled by the Serendipitian government is a very small fraction of what the Republic of Texas controlled from 1836-1845.

On April 11, 2012 the parliament of Serendipity voted unanimously to adopt The Yellow Rose of Texas as a second national anthem.


The government of the Republic of Serendipity is that of a Centrist Dictatorship. Though dictatorships has received a bad reputation in the past, this glorious new government promises better opportunities for the citizens and more civil freedoms than they would have had under the old feudal system. The Empire had served its purpose, it gave Serendipity a push, but with the coming of the Republican system Serendipitians can look towards a brighter future.

The Government is lead by Supreme Director Silbermann. The Government is currently revamping all it's programs and looks forward to an improved nation as the empire is no longer and the time of the republic has risen. The decision was made to switch to Republicanism after months of debate and conflict. Finally on the evening of June 16, 2011 The decision was made to make the switch to Republicanism.

Serendipity is a single party state. This by no means indicates that people do not have their own views. Within parliament deputies may vote as they wish, the Supreme Director however has the option to strike down any legislation they pass, the Supreme Director also has the right to rule by decree.


In order to establish a unique and original micronation, the Republic of Serendipity is currently undergoing a cultural revolution spearheaded by the Supreme Director himself. Declaring "We must create a unique culture lest our nation be forgotten within the pages of micronational history." Certain styles of art have been particularly embraced. Surrealism in visual art, Ragtime in music. Musical compositions by American composers are generally accepted. However this has not weakened the drive composition for the of original music. The Republic of Serendipity is one of the few micronations to have a purely original national anthem. It is written in the style of a March with both music and lyrics by the Supreme Director. While no money is given to artists, art is proclaimed to be one of the most important things a person to create. Any artist that helps further the cultural development of Serendipity is proclaimed a Hero of the State.


On October first of each year begins the Serendipitian Oktoberfest. A twenty-one day long festival that celebrates the the arrival of autumn, German/Austrian heritage and above all the independence of the nation on October 21. The Oktoberfest party that is hosted by the Supreme Director is actually a tradition that predates the nation itself. The party is known for bratwurst, pretzels and root beer all of this is set to German and Austrian music and socialization of citizens and friends of the Republic. In 2011 Apple Strudel was served for the first time.

The Directors' Dinner

In January 2012 the very first Directors' Dinner was hosted at the residence of the Supreme Director to serve as a dinner that would entertain the members of Serendipity's government and celebrate the new year. The Dinner is a highly anticipated event each year with the various directors of the different government agencies all being invited. Before dinner the directors socialize and have an appetizer of cheese and crackers before the main course is served which is followed by dessert. After the directors move to the second floor of the residence for the viewing of a film. In 2012 the menu included: Brie Cheese and Water Crackers, Spaghetti with meat sauce and salad and cheese cake for dessert. The film shown in 2012 was The Mouse that Roared


The cuisine of Serendipity has, Italian, American, and Mexican influences to create something that is somewhat unique to the nation, typical foodstuffs that are grown in Serendipity include: tomatoes,bell peppers and okra. The National Drink is the Egg Cream Soda, which is in most simple terms a fizzing chocolate milk.


The military of the Republic of Serendipity is comprised of two branches. The army and the navy. The armed forces were both originally part of the Imperial Military during the days of the Empire. During that time a war was fought with Myanmar, it was ended when the new government took over, and the Republic of Serendipity was declared victorious.

The army's duty is to protect citizens in the event of war. While the navy regularly patrols the waterways of Serendipity to keep foreign invaders out.

Law and order

The duty of the state to the people includes making sure the state runs smoothly. To accomplish this the Republican People's Police Force (RPPF) is charged with maintaing an orderly and peacefull state. Their main duty is rounding up those who have broken the law. This generally applies to those have been caught planking.