Glorious Country of West Korea

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Glorious Country of West Korea
Coat of arms
Motto: West Korea Best Korea![1]
Anthem: None yet
Texas, United States
and largest city
Official languagesEnglish
Demonym(s)West Korean
GovernmentConstitutional Democracy
• (as of May 2017 census) census
71 citizens overall[2]
29 citizens inside West Korean territory
(2 humans, 27 animals)
42 citizens outside West Korean territory
(17 humans, 25 animals)
19 human citizens overall
52 animal citizens overall
Time zoneUTC-6 (CST)
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Unified Kingdom of Slimesylvania

The Glorious Country of West Korea was a micronation that was founded on April 20, 2017,[3] and announced they would cease to exist in favor of a new micro nation on September 15, 2017.[4] West Korea was home to one province and three territories. At its peak, its population was 71, most of whom were pets, as of the May 2017 census. Its government followed that of the United States of America, being a constitutional democracy. West Korea had basically no rules but somehow there was only 69 murders the two people survived and thrived till September 15, 2017 when the country shut down. There is a president and vice presendent the vice president is 14 and the president is 15 they lived in Connecticut but moved to west Korea during Covid and too over it is now thriving. With monkeys orangutans Tarzan Scooby doo and the two people. but what they government didn't know is that there was actually more un registered citizens who still man the country to this day. they made a new language called westerneris language "hiello" is hello bye is "biye" food is "fiood" and so on. A man named Shekil tried to come and he was murdered by Scooby doo


The name "West Korea" was made up originally as a joke before its foundation. It started with "West" because it was west of the Koreas and in the Western Hemisphere.[5] Also, the name was decided on because it rhymed with the motto, "West Korea Best Korea!".


West Korea, a nation just beginning, is already rich with history. The soul of West Korea was alive in its precursor, Waluigistan. Waluigistan was originally founded in October 2016 as a joke micronation centered around memes, but the empire ultimately fell, after inactivity in December 2016. After a few months of chaos, West Korea rose from the ashes of the late Waluigistan. With luck, the Glorious Nation of West Korea may finally surpass the shadows of empires before.

Era of Beginnings (April 20, 2017 - May 16, 2017)

West Korea was founded as an official micronation on April 20, 2017. Talk of founding West Korea has happened days before it. On the day of its founding, the citizens discussed major topics about the micronation. Ideologies like communism and dictatorships were tossed around,[6] however nothing was decided on.

On April 21, 2017, President "Phoenix" officially declared himself as being a member of the True Democrat party.

On April 22, 2017, the Animal Rights Party was founded by Governor Max, countering the True Democrat's belief in that animals should not be able to vote.

On April 24, 2017, the Chaotic-Democrat Party was formed, as an anarchaic, extreme left-wing party. Within less than a week of its founding, West Korea had already contained three political parties fighting for power.

On May 1, 2017, the West Korean government began drafting their constitution.[7]

On May 4, 2017, the first trial of West Korea began. However, the first Supreme Court Judge was chosen after the first trial started, so the President had to fill in for the judge role. The defendant, who was the first Secretary of War, was found guilty, and an interim secretary was hired. After the defendant's temporary exile was finished, he was rehired into the job on May 9.

On May 16, 2017, campaigns for the election in June 2017 begun. Candidates included "Phoenix", the first president of West Korea who ran for re-election, the first Secretary of War "AngusAJ", and Senator "hailfrenchie".

Era of Inactivity (May 16, 2017 - September 15, 2017)

After the golden age for West Korea, it came to a halt during the summer. It was soon forgotten, and the founder decided to put it out of its misery and retire it on September 15, 2017, announcing that it would be closed in favor of a new micronation.

Retirement (September 15, 2017)

On September 15, 2017, the founder announced that West Korea would be shut down until further notice, in favor of a new, and hopefully more serious and balanced, micronation. but to this day there is still under the radar people who live there.

Claimed Land

No claimed land by West Korea is permanent. All land is part of the U.S.A, but under a dispute with West Korea. Provinces or territories without a permanent population cannot have a governor. Names of buildings on the maps have been redacted due to privacy purposes.


Emblem Name Annexed Permanent Residents
(W.K. Citizens)
Area Governor
Provinces of the Glorious Country of West Korea
??? ??? April 21, 2017 4 or 5
(1 or 2)
~250.8382 m² Max
??? ??? May 8, 2017 6
~476.6855 m² N/A


Emblem Name Annexed Permanent Residents
(W.K. Citizens)
Area Governor
Territories of the Glorious Country of West Korea
??? Studar Territory April 20, 2017 0 ~50.00000 m² N/A
??? Mays Territory April 21, 2017 0 ~1.16745 m² N/A
??? Arvitia Territory April 21, 2017 0 ~110.00000 m² N/A

Government and politics

The government is a constitutional democracy, as decided on by new president "Phoenix", who says that a dictatorship is "boring",[8] and a communist government "makes citizens unhappy".[9] The government is currently bicameral, where there are two houses. Both houses can vote on laws that can be passed to the President to sign if the law is voted to pass by more than one-half of the house. The president can veto the bill, but it can be passed by the house if the bill gets a 2/3rds vote in favor of it. Neither house can function unless there are at least three members of the house.

House of Representatives

The House of Representatives represents citizens who live inside of territory claimed by West Korea. People in this house are the governors of the territory that they represent in the House.


The Senate represents citizens who live outside of territory claimed by West Korea. The President chooses how many Senators should exist in the Senate as they see fit.

Presidential Cabinet

There is a President, Vice President, Secretary of State, Secretary of War and Secretary of the Treasury, along with the House of Representatives and Senate.

Current Parties

Political Parties of West Korea
Name Logo Leader Leader's position in government Estimated Followers
(including leader)
Ideology House of Representatives Senate
True Democrat Party True democrat flag.jpeg "Phoenix" President 2 Provide a better environment compared to other countries for the citizens of the country
Generally anti-military
Anti-animal voting rights
0 / 1
0 / 5
Animal Rights Party Noflag.png Max Governor 14 Allow voting rights for animals
1 / 1
0 / 5
Chaotic-Democrat Party
(Cat-Rat Party)
Noflag.png Laura Senator 3 Many rights for different species without rhyme or reason
0 / 1
2 / 5
Independent Party Noflag.png N/A N/A 1 Independent party (not listed as a main party).
0 / 1
1 / 5
Undecided Noflag.png N/A N/A Rest of the population
Undecided, or no information about their political party has been collected from people under this category.
0 / 1
2 / 5

Government history

Beginnings (April 21, 2017 - May 16, 2017)

The first party founded in West Korea was the True Democrat Party, based off a party of the same name founded in a previous micronation that lasted for around three months.

New parties formed (April 22, 2017 - April 24, 2017)

On April 22, 2017, the Animal Rights Party was founded in West Korea. They started off as a one-issue party, protesting the lack of voting rights for animals.[10] Currently, the party is being ran under Governor Max, who is President "Phoenix"'s pet dog. As a result of currently being the only governor, Max is the only member of the House of Representatives. President "Phoenix" does not support the Animal Rights Party because "we don't know their voting decisions."[11]

On April 24, 2017, the Chaotic-Democrat Party was formed.

To this day, many other minor parties have been suggested, but most of them have not gained traction.

Growth (April 27, 2017 - May 16, 2017)

On April 27, 2017, the Senate house grew from three to four seats to accommodate for the increasing amounts of population growth.

During the April 2017 census, the population has been recorded to be 41 citizens.

The Rebirth

The Rebirth of West Korea started on the 17/05/2023. The population has decreased to only 16, but the land increased to around 5000 square metres. The Dominant party is lead by Jaheeden lee and Tyler Tan in the party of the True Ambassadors to West Korea, followed closely by the Cat-Rat party

Law and order

Nothing has been created yet, but it will in the future.

Judicial System

On May 4, 2017, the first trial begun, with the defendant being the first Secretary of War (previous named the Main General of the Army) who was convicted of multiple counts of treason and assault. He was found guilty, with the punishment being a five day exile and a ten day period in which the defendant could not vote in. This marked the first trial in where the defendant was found guilty.

On the same day, the second trial began. The plaintiff was the first Secretary of War, although he was exiled. The reason for this is he requested the trial before he was convicted in the previous trial. The defendant was found innocent, which marks the first trial of West Korea in which such verdict was given.

Police Force

No police department has been established yet.

Foreign relations

Occitania follows West Korea's official Twitter. Otherwise, West Korea is fairly new to the micronation scene, and has not had any meetings or relations with any macro or micronation besides Occitania.


No military has been established, but a citizen has requested to become the Main General of the Army, later renamed the Secretary of War, in which the president granted. However, West Korea plans to be a peaceful country without any war.

On May 4, 2017, the Secretary of War (then named the Main General of the Army) was put on trial for multiple counts of treason and assault. He was convicted, after the judge, which the president took role of since there was no Supreme Court Judge assigned at the time, was presented a landslide of evidence. The punishment was a five-day exile and a ten-day period in which the defendant could not vote in. After the trial, a Supreme Court Judge was appointed. This was both the first trial and the first trial in which the convicted was found guilty. The next day, a new Secretary of War was appointed to occupy the interim when the previous Secretary of War was exiled.

Geography and climate

Political map of Texas.

West Korea is located in Texas, U.S.A.[12]



Due to a lack of diplomacy with other macro/micronations, no trade can be produced.


No currency has been developed as of now, but the leader will decide with his citizens on a type of currency.


The current West Korean flag. It was heavily inspired by the previous West Korean, North Korean, USA, and Texas flags.
The previous West Korean flag. The North Korean flag is visible, replacing the American flag's fifty stars on the canton.

The current Flag of West Korea was designed to resemble the North Korean and American flags, the parent countries of West Korea. It features a giant star on a flag with three horizontal stripes, the top and bottom are dark blue while the middle is red.


No unique culture has been developed by the citizens of West Korea, ergo the only culture of West Korea is American, due to all citizens of West Korea either living in or previously American.


Even before its separation from the state of Texas, the people of West Korea have long held the tradition of ceremonial battles and displays of power during shared meals. Every shared meal is a battle to define oneself as the 'top dog', with shows of force such as deliberately destroying another's food or drink, stealing food, drink, and/or seat(s), or proving strength by consuming inedible or otherwise unappealing foods or drinks. These shows of force affect many other aspect of West Korean culture, and even leak into the power structure and class of its citizens.


While there is no official language, the most dominant language of West Korea is English, followed closely by the secondary languages Spanish, Latin, and French. There is rumored to be a secret and as of yet uncrackable pet language, which is supported by the fact that the Animal Rights Party is led by a literal dog who is frequently seen conversing with other pets.


Four different art pieces have been created in West Korea or dedicated for West Korea. Three have been submitted, while the last one has been created by the first president "Phoenix". That art piece is the Flag of West Korea.


West Korea has a Twitter, which can be found here.

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