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State Flag of Sierratown, H.E.R.

Sierratown is the capital of the Humanitarian Empire and Realm (H.E.R.), a micronation founded by The Honorable Tony T. Williams, and is located in Sierra Blanca, Texas, USA. The capitol makes up one acre surrounding a small body of water on 23.9 acres which make up the majority of the H.E.R. The other state of the nation is Scottville located in Dunans, Scotland. It consists of 1 square foot of land granted to the founder by entitlement deed.

The State Flag of Sierratown, H.E.R., embraces the design of the National Flag and State Flag of Scottville. The flag is half (horizontal) black, symbolizing the combination of all colors which is consistent with the Empire's Constitution and none discrimination based on color, ethnicity, gender, race, or religion. The second half of the flag is divided, like the national flag, with gold and blue. The color gold represents the ancient Egyptian royalty to which the founder is DNA associated with Ramesses III. The color blue is in recognition of Scotland, where Scottville is located. Centered is the National Crest circled in white, representing purity.

H.E.R. Imperial Army Flag

Protecting this land is the H.E.R. Imperial guard which also overseas the Scottville Army. The force is under the command of the 2nd Baron of H.E.R., who serves as Commander of the Imperial Army, Commander of the Scottville Army, and Commander, Knights of H.E.R. The military flag is modeled after the national flag with the center Teutonic Cross replaced with a version of the Williams of Wales Coat of Arms.