Alexandi general election, January 2018

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Alexander general election, 2018
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7 January 2018 October 2018 →
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Nominee Alexander von Hapsburg Edward Daniels
Party National Federalist United Rhinoceros
Popular vote 2 2
Percentage 50% 50%

Alexander election logo.png
Alexander election logo, courtesy of the Abeldane Telegraph

First Minister before election

Alexander von Hapsburg
National Independence

First Minister after election

Edward Daniels
United Rhinoceros

The Alexander general election was a state-level Abeldane election in the Abeldane state of Alexander held on the 7th of January, 2018. It elected the First Minister of Alexander.

It was the first and to date only democratic election for the post of Alexandrian First Minister in Alexandrian history; previous First Minister Benjamin Norris was appointed by Grand Duke Michael Thomas Brazeau prior to his resignation, and subsequent First Minister Alexander von Hapsburg was appointed under incumbent Grand Duke Max I.


In December 2017, Grand Duke Max I of Alexander called for an election to the post of First Minister to take place on the 7th of January, 2018. Incumbent First Minister Alexander von Habsburg and Edward Daniels, both officially of no party pursuant to Alexandrian law (which makes state political parties illegal) though unofficially of the Abeldane National Independence Party (a party affiliation under some dispute) and the United Rhinoceros Party, both announced their candidacies for the post. On January 7, both Daniels and von Hapsburg tied with 2 votes and 50% share of the vote. This resulted in Grand Duke Max I breaking the tie, appointing Daniels First Minister.


First Minister Alexander Habsburg sought re-election and Edward Daniels nominated himself as an opponent for election. Officially under state law the candidates did not have the support of political parties, and were both running as independent candidates.

Candidates below legally nominated themselves for election.
Alexander von Hapsburg
First Minister of Alexander
Candidates below legally nominated themselves for election.
Edward Daniels
MP, Imperial Press Secretary

Opinion polls

Pollster Release Sample Alexander von Hapsburg
Edward Daniels
Abeldane Telegraph 17-11-2017 4 75% 25% 50%


For Edward Daniels:

  • Michael Thomas Brazeau: The former Grand Duke and former deputy leader of the National Federalist Party, which supports Alexander Habsburg, broke rank with the majority of his caucus to endorse Edward Daniels, who he quoted as being "inline with the values Alexander was founded upon". He was also quoted as saying "I just don't know nothing about Alex [Habsburg]".

For Alexander Habsburg:

  • National Federalist Party: The National Federalist Party leader, Alejandro Whyatt, announced that "[t]he NFP officially endorses Alex [Habsburg] for the First Ministership of Alexander in the upcoming election".

For neither: