Perfectum Group

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The Perfectum Group is a New Eiffel conglomerate, founded on the 30th of May 2020 by Arcadius Tomson. Its stated goal is to be a general holding company, to buy shares of other companies and co-operate in projects, however it has not done any steps yet.

Perfectum Group
IndustryAsset Holding, Various
Founded30 of May 2020
HeadquartersNew Eiffel
Key people
Arcadius Tomson, Owner and CEO
ProductsNone yet


Arcadius Tomson is a new micronationalist, having joined the community in February 2020. He is currently seeking to gain experience to create his own micronation, so he has done many things, including joining many other micronations. On 28 of May 2020, he contacted Prince Zarel I of New Eiffel to ask about company formation in New Eiffel. After a brief discution, Arcadius decided to finaly create a company. The Perfectum Group was officialy registered on May 30.

Arcadius Tomson and New Eiffel

Arcadius Tomson is not a New Eiffel citizen, and this has created suspicion in some circles. Numerous claims were made, but all lack evidence.

Current Status

The Perfectum Group has ambitious plans, however none are yet materialised. As such, in has a zero income, and there are fears that the economic condition may worse from time to time. Currently, it is looking for companies (of any micronation) to do buisness with it. The Perfectum Group also states that it has a great interest in buying shares of other companies.