ELM Sector

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The ELM sector is a micronational sector named after the ELM,the main organization within the sector.It is located in Central Europe and primarily operates on Discord and YouTube.The main members however have little to no contact with the members of said sectors.


The sector arose somewhere around late November 2020.It started out with Youri Koeman joining the newly created discord server by Neo.Soon after Truto started to be discovered by the YouTube sector and soon after joined.On November 28th the ELM had formed and by December the members had a strong bond that was strengthened in the First ELM-Antrisia Cold War.Around March-April 2021 the sector had its bloom with several active members.Ever since May 2021 the sector and the alliance has been on the downfall with prominent members quitting.Eventually they returned and the ELM is making a slow recovery.