Secundomian presidential election, February 2010

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January 2010 Secundomian Elections
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Republic of Secundomia

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The February 2010 Secundomian Elections were the first elections in Secundomia where less than two candidates were selected for president. Spencer I won these elections by a landslide.

Republic of Secundomia

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Primaries and Nominations

This election was the first in which political parties became a force. In previous elections all candidates were either independent or nonpartisan leaders.

Conservative Party


Parker I and Spencer I were nominated in Conservative Party primaries.

Parker I Spencer I
Incumbent Co-President of Secundomia and King of Sterling from Secundomia (Middle) and the Kingdom of Sterling Incumbent Co-President of Secundomia


Spencer I and Parker I tied in the Conservative elections. Each got two votes from members of the party, splitting all members. As a result, they both carried the Conservative party line into the general election.

Liberal Party

The Secundomian Liberal Party did not nominate a candidate.

Independent Candidates

Ibrahim I ran as an independent. At this time he was a member of no party, thus could not be nominated by the Conservatives. He later became a member of the SCP. Ibrahim had a low profile at the time of this election, but it was the first


Spencer I capitalized off of a common perception of a tyrannical rule by Parker I, who had been a leader of the country since its inception. Parker claimed there was no significant difference between the two of them, however spent less time on the campaign path than he did in previous elections. Ibrahim ran a quiet campaign and failed to find traction even among members of the electorate who were


Spencer destroyed the competition in these elections, 66% of the popular vote, compared to 19% split between Parker and Ibrahim. This was the largest margin of any election in Secundomian history, signifying widespread dissatisfaction among voters with the leadership of Parker I. Turnout in the election was 75%.

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Republic of Secundomia
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