Occitania referendum 2016

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Occitania referendum 2016
“Should Occitania accept a peace treaty with the Empire of Smyrna?”
Option "Yes" "No"
Voter Turnout (%) 63,64% 36,36%
Number of votes cast 7 4


The April coup attempt

After the coup

Smyrna is considered as a terrorist organization. On 7 October 2016, the two nations began peace talks.

Peace Treaty

On the October 8, 2016 the parties agree to cease any formal hostility, and recognize each other as sovereign and independent entities. The agreement ensures that both Occitania as Smyrna recognize each other as the only micronational entities hold their respective names. This agreement guarantees a gradual easing of trade and monetary policy giving necessary to achieve mutual trade agreements within a certain time schedule.This agreement sets the key foundation to create and build mutual cultural links with programs that could strengthen a future fruitful relationship.


The Socialist Party does not give voting instructions and has advised citizens to vote in his soul and conscience.

On October, 15, the index INSO was updated at the orange level.

Voting laws

Only the permanent residents have the right to vote. The result will be decided by the majority.


The referendum take place on 16 October 2016. The option yes win. Occitania sign the peace treaty.