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Foreign relations (diplomacy) was carried out uniquely in the former Slinky Empyre. Its foundations were friendship and then neutrality. June was known as the Month of Dyplomacy.


Instead of making allies with other nations, the Slinky Empyre executed informal friendship. This meant that both nations recognized each other as friends, but are not bound to each other's terms. The Slinky Empyre promises to be faithful to all nations in a friendship, which means that peace shall be maintained with that nation as well as possible. Along with this pledge, the Slinky Empyre hopes to maintain contact with these nations to accomplish goals of both nations, and other friendly acts/assistance.


Nations in boldface type are the closest friends of the Empyre.


This Herwayan anthill was named Brydon in honor of the Keepwatchic-Slinky friendship.

On June 5, 2009, the Slinky Empyre entered a state of friendship with Keep Watch, agreed upon by Kyng Fyrst and David Brydon. The following day, Brydon Anthyll in Herway Department was named in honor of the Keepwatchic prime minister.

The Westonina Dollar, an element of the Slinky-Westoninan Trade Alliance

On June 11, the Slinky Empyre entered diplomatic talks with King Weston of Westonina. The result was a friendship with the kingdom, along with a trade alliance between the United States dollar and the Westonina Dollar. The Slinky-Westoninan friendship ended on March 2, 2010, due to the 2010 Micronational Activity Review showing that Westonina had become inactive. The friendship was revived on May 3, 2010.

On June 14, Lama Guillaume, le Premier of Sandefreistikhan agreed to enter a state of friendship between his nation and the Empyre. In 2009, the nation's reforms made Sandefreistikhan Sanda and Sandus, and in both cases the friendship remained. On July 28, 2010, news that Sandus had been officially terminated caused the friendship to be no longer recognized.

On June 15, a friendship with the Socialist Republic of Murrayfield was started with the approval of Premier Ben Lawson. This was done to encourage peace in Murrayfield, which was in a state of civil war. The friendship continued past the Murrayfield government reform, meaning the new Kingdom of Murrayfield was still considered a Slinky friend. The previous Socialist Republic returned to power within days, and the friendship still lasted.

On June 20, the Queen of Bokonton agreed to a friendship. Bokonton was arguably the most developed nation to be a friend of the Slinky Empyre. Also on this date, Tsar Royalé Jacob Tierney of New Scientopia requested and received a Scientopian-Slinky alliance. This later became the Renasian-Slinky alliance, but was canceled on March 2, 2010, after the 2010 Micronational Activity Review showed that this friendship had become inactive.

On June 24, King Daniel of the Kingdom of Althacia accepted a friendship request after approval by the Althacian Royal Assembly. Subsequently, Grand Duke Niels Vermeersch entered a friendship for Flandrensis, and King Ian II for Camuria. On January 20, 2010, the Slinky Empyre recognized the annexation of Athacia into Camuria by combining its alliances with those two states into one.

On June 25, Crown Prince James II accepted a friendship for Landashir.

On July 1, Emperor Malum I represented the Ohio Empire recognizing the Slinky Empyre as an independent micronation and entering a state of friendship.

On July 9, Petrus Máximus of Finismund accepted a friendship request. The Slinky Empyre recognized that the Finismundian-Slinky friendship had ended as a result of the 2010 Micronational Activity Review on January 15, 2010.

On July 13, Henry Wilkinson offered alliance requests for his two micronations Varcetia and Wilkland. They were accepted simultaneously, so Varcetia is listed before Wilkland in chronological lists because of alphabetically preceding the former. On March 2, the end of the 2010 Micronational Activity Review, the Slinky-Wilklandic friendship was canceled due to no evidence of Wilkland's activity.

On July 15, the then Crown Prince Jonathan of the Empire of Austenasia accepted a friendship request that was offered after friendly Austenasian relations with three friends of the Slinky Empyre were discovered and appreciated.

On July 19, Emperor Wolfe of the Empire of Progle accepted a friendship request, and also granted the citizenship of Kyng Fyrst into Progle.

On July 22, Crown Prince Christopher put up an online notice requesting intermicronational alliances with his nation, the Republic of Suidae Freedom. The Slinky Empyre accepted this invitation, and a friendship between the two nations was then formed. Crown Prince Christopher requested copies of the four Slinky documents, which led Slinky Tourysm to start planning an online museum of the Slinky Empyre. The Suilandic people even began using the Slinky Documents to help find a suitable government for their nation. However, the Slinky-Suilandic friendship came to end end on March 2, 2010, due to an inactivity report from the 2010 Micronational Activity Review.

On August 3, the Patetopia accepted a friendship request that was based on that nation's membership in the High Union of Nations, which the Slinky Empyre was a member of. Also on this date, Premier Mark Meehan of Nemkhavia requested a Nemkhavian-Slinky friendship, which was accepted within minutes. This friendship was later merged with the Pristinian-Slinky friendship as the Slinky-Unionian friendship on February 3, 2010. On April 8, 2010, it was designated as the Nemkhav-Slinky friendship once more, since the Socialist Union split up in 2010.

On August 6, The Fox Islands' Nation requested friendship with the Slinky Empyre, which was accepted upon noticing. The 2010 Micronational Activity Review showed that the Fox Islands' Nation had become inactive, so the friendship was canceled that day.

On August 12, the Slinky Empyre became a friend of the Republic of Alerther. However, this friendship ended on February 11, 2010, because of a report of inactivity in the 2010 Micronational Activity Review.

On August 19, Antonio I of Qootärlænt accepted a friendship request due to the similar lifestyles of him and Kyng Fyrst.

On September 30, Kyng Fyrst and Michael Flaherty worked to establish a Slinky-Solvo friendship. The friendship was recognized as the Hamiltonian-Slinky friendship on October 8, 2010.

On October 1, the Republic of Eniarku became a Slinky friend.

On January 12, 2010, the Slinky Empyre responded positively to many friendship requests from the Kingdom of Marshall and Nicolas, marking the first friendship since the 2009-2010 Slinky government shutdown.

On January 20, the Angadorian-Slinky friendship was established.

On January 21, after a few days of communication, the Slinky Empyre recognized and established diplomacy with the Kingdom of Ruritania.

On January 26, a diplomacy request from Olland, now Sark, was accepted.

On January 27, a Pristinian friendship request was approved. This friendship was merged into the Slinky-Unionian friendship on February 3, 2010. It became its own friendship when the Socialist Union split on March 13, 2010.

On January 28, the Slinky Empyre established a friendship with Wyvern after it requested diplomacy with all members of the Organisation of Active Micronations. Since that included the Empyre, the response was positive.

On February 3, the Egtavian-Slinky friendship was established after approval of an Egtavian diplomacy request. Also on this date, the Slinky Empyre finally accepted numerous friendship requests from the Principality of Rukora.

On February 12, Parker I requested Slinky alliances for both his nations: Secundomia and Sterling. These were soon accepted simultaneously. Secundomia is considered to have become a Slinky friend before Sterling because it comes first in alphabetical order. On September 17, 2010, the Slinky Empyre recognized Sterling as a Secundomian colony, and the two friendships were merged into the Secundomian-Slinky friendship.

On February 17, the Democratic People's Republic of Erusia accepted a Slinky request for friendship from June 23, 2009. When Erusia was terminated on July 30 later in 2010, the alliance was cancelled automatically.

On April 8, President Kalvin Koolidge of Petorio accepted a Slinky friendship request.

On April 16, the United Univist States became a friend of the Empyre. Soon afterwards, this nation later declared war on all nations, thereby terminating all previous alliances. It was unknown if the Slinky-Univist friendship officially remained active, but the nation eventually claimed that it did not exist, so the friendship was cancelled by Kyng Fyrst on May 3.

On April 26, Kyng Fyrst accepted a friendship request from the Emperor of the DuPonty Monarchy.

On May 3, President Jacob Bradshaw of the Republic of Unclaimed Land accepted a friendship request from Kyng Fyrst.

On May 13, Andre Sammut of BlueSkies approved a friendship request from Kyng Fyrst.

On May 17, the Republic of Ultamiya became a friend of the Slinky Empyre.

On May 24, the Slinky Empyre established a friendship with the Yttian Federation in response to its request for an alliance.

On June 3, Kyng Fryst accepted an Eanian friendship request.

On June 15, diplomacy requests from Theodia, Istoria, and Atlantis were approved.

On June 21, Kyng Fyrst accepted a friendship request from the Kingdom of Hamland, and the Slinky Empyre recognized that the Democratic Republic of Cliff Island had accepted a friendship request from Kyng Fyrst the previous day. Later that day, Mondero requested an alliance with the Empyre, which Kyng Fyrst accepted in just under half an hour.

On June 29, Kyng Fyrst sent a friendship request to the Empire of Eleytheria after a friendly discussion with one of its citizens. It was accepted later that day. Later that day, Grand Chancellor Aldrich Lucas accepted an informal friendship request for Yabloko.

On July 7, Tsar Kuri I of Gishabrun sent a friendship request to Kyng Fyrst. He accepted 23 minutes later.

On July 22, Kyng Fyrst accepted a diplomacy request from King Anthony of Zealandia.

On July 28, the Garagstani-Slinky friendship was established. Also, Kyng Fyrst sent a friendship request to the Kingdom of Etarnia through MicroWiki, which was quickly accepted. Also on this date, the Holy Salanian Empire sent a friendship request to the Slinky Empyre, which was accepted the same day.

On July 31, the President of Hurricane and Kyng Fyrst agreed to establish an informal friendship between their nations.

On August 23, 2010, the Slinky Empyre and Anpix formed an informal friendship.

On September 2, 2010, the Slinky Empyre received the friendship with the Kingdom of Nathan was accepted. A friendship with the Republic of Dorzhabad was also formed.

On September 10, Wattania and the Empyre established in informal friendship. Wattania also requested even stronger ties.

On September 12, three friendships were established with the Principality of üc, New Greenland, and Subenia. The New Greenlandic-Slinky friendship was officially reconsidered as the Meropian-Slinky friendship on September 28.

On September 29, a diplomatic relations request from the President of the Republic of Castia the day before was accepted by Kyng Fyrst, forming the Castian-Slinky friendship.

On October 6, the Slinky Empyre responded positively to a request for diplomatic relations with the United States of Flatland.

On October 15, Tarintinium accepted a friendship request from the Slinky Empyre.

On October 18, the Federal Republic of Los Bay Petros's diplomacy request was accepted.

On October 19, the two Captains Regent of the Republic of Lostisland and the Kyng of the Slinky Empyre agreed to establish the Lostislandic-Slinky friendship.

On October 25, the Slinky Empyre accepted an alliance request from the Second Kingdom of Pamale.

On November 4, 2010, the Slinky Empyre and the Federal Commonwealth of Sirocco plan to establish an informal friendship. This was decided on October 8, 2010, before the nation's foundation, which makes this upcoming friendship unique.

On November 19, the Slinky Empyre accepted a diplomacy request from the Democratic Environmental Society of Senya.

On December 9, 2010, at 11:30 am, the Slinky Empyre accepted a diplomacy request from King Ignatius IV of the Plokooñan Empire.

International organizations

The Slinky Empyre was a full member of the following international organizations:


The Slinky Empyre avoided war, and planned to peacefully attempt to calm any conflicts that may arise in the micronational community and throughout the world. However, world peace was been considered unrealistic by the Empyre, and was therefore not one of its goals.

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