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Coat of Arms
Coat of Arms
Motto: (Italian) Wilkinfiglio
Anthem: Stand Tall People of Wilkland
Capital Henton
Government: The Wilklandic Goverment Party
Location: Dorset, England
Area claimed: 0.000026m²
Population: 1
Date of foundation: 10 July 2009
Leadership: [King Henry I
Language: English
Demonym: Wilklandic
Currency: Wilklandic Dollar (WLD)
National Drink Water
National Animal Cat
This nation is a member of the United World Micronations

Wilkland is a small micronation located within the United Kingdom. It has only 1 citizen and consists of 44 square metres. Its capital, Henton, is Wilkland's only city, represented on the flag by 1 star. It is also one of the few micronations to be completely indoors. Claiming only 44 square metres, it is also the smallest micronation in the world.


Wilkland is made up from 1 small bedroom in the UK. Its total area of claimed land is 44 m². Wilkland has only 1 resident, King Henry I. It was founded by Henry Wilkinson, who is also the founder and president of the Republic of Varcetia.

From November 2009-August 2010 Wilkland was in a state of brief Inactivity due to the unease in government power. Then in September 2010, Wilklands government stabalised and Wilkland began to continue as a micronation.


The GDP of Wilkland is estimated to be £520 by the end of 2009. In 2010 the GDP rose drastically to £1356 for the year, and the forecast for 2011 is set to be over £1500. All of this money is made by the one citizen, King Henry I of Wilkland.


Wilkland has no army or armed forces as it is a small, peaceful nation. A law was passed that there would be no army in the country on the 12th July 2009. This law means that Wilkland cannot help in other wars.


Holidays include Foundation Day on July 10 and a Bank Holiday on February 14.


Nation Date of alliance
Feeland 11 July 2009
Republic of Varcetia 12 July 2009
Slinky Empyre July 13, 2009
Republic of Suidae Freedom 29 July 2009
Nemkhavia 3 August 2009
Fox Islands' Nation 10 August 2009