Kingdom of Westonina

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The Kingdom of Westonina
Si Fractus Fortis (If Broken, Still Strong.)
Metro 2033-- Good Ending Credit Music
Official language(s) English
Capital Castle Foster.
Date founded Est. 2008. Brought back to life on April 29, 2010.
Number of citizens 9.
Number of active citizens 9.
Government Monarchy.
Current leader King Weston I.
National animal The Dog.

History of Westonina

Early History (2008)

The Kingdom of Westonina was first started in the middle-part of the year 2008 as a joke. King Weston I remarked that if he had a million dollars, he would “buy a castle and make a new nation.” An acquaintance of the then-not King Weston I remarked “It should be called Westonina”. After a week of nothing happened, a group of other acquaintances formed there own nation and put King Weston I at the bottom of there ranking pole.

Unwilling to serve what he considered an unlawful government, King Weston I broke away from there nation and formed his own; taking the name of Westonina and making himself King. Taking an old love of making his own fictional nations for fun, a hobby he stemmed from playing Civilization 3 and 2, he set to work on making his government. Several of his friends agreed to become citizens, and King Weston I history teacher applauded the idea as original. The ground bases of Westonina began to form.

Still, the first phase of The Kingdom of Westonina didn’t last through the Eighth grade year. Losing interest in the project when he entered high-school, King Weston I nearly forgot about his tiny nation when his citizens also began forgetting about the Kingdom; there minds too pre-occupied by the new pressures of High School.

Still, in the back recesses of his mind, King Weston I still thought about Westonina during those boring moments of class when his new history teacher droned on about things he already knew about. King Weston I then began to plot his return to power. Using simulation games like the Civilization series and Tropico 3, King Weston I learned how to lead a nation with both compassion and an iron fist.

Still, it would be at least two years before King Weston I returned to the micronational scene in a unexpected way.

The Seccesion of April 29th

On the afternoon of April 27, the soon-to-be King Weston I sat in his bed thinking. He had just got orders from his mother to clean up his room. Remembering an article called “How to Start your Own Micronation” and mainly an example involving a situation much like his; King Weston I (soon-to-be) thoughts shifted to his former Kingdom of Westonina. Remembering the satisfaction it brought him; King Weston I thought about making it. Shoving those thoughts out of his head, King Weston I went back to work.

The next day, by sheer luck, the soon-to-be King Weston I had his former Kingdom brought up in a conversation. Knowing that it was his destiny to pull the proverbial sword out of the proverbial stone again, King Weston I thought about how he should guide his nation; setting many of the laws currently in the Westoninan Charter.

King Weston I, after two years of lying dormant, had to deal with a new foe if he wanted to regain power over Westonina. His father, Dear Leader Chuck, established himself as ruler over what was once Westonina lands; which had been reduced to King Weston’s I bedroom. On April 29, 2010 King Weston I rose to power again. After under one hour of planning, King Weston I told his father that he was secceeding from his nation. Dear Leader Chuck, unwilling to lose one of his four citizens, engaged King Weston I in a mock duel.

After King Weston I emerged the victor in the brief hand-to-hand “play fight”, via the defection of Dear Leader Chuck’s dog “Chessie”; who is now the symbol and mascot of the Kingdom of Westonina, King Weston I offered his hand of friendship to the defeated Dear Leader. In exchange for the return of the land that his nation once owned, King Weston I allowed Dear Leader Chuck to become “Count” of “Castle Foster”; thereby allowing former Dear Leader Chuck to govern the land of Castle Foster as he saw fit.

Now, the King Weston I and Count Chuck; son and father, now maintain an excellent relationship. The two sit together at the dinner table, with King Weston I often drilling Count Chuck’s ears out with ceaseless chatter. Still, there is one minor conflict. At times, Count Chuck refuses to be called Count Chuck; instead wishing to be refered back to as "Dear Leader". Still, it is the price to pay for 2 acres of land.

The Refounding Period (April 30th, 2010 - May 3rd, 2010)

With the Kingdom of Westonina’s future now secured, King Weston I turned his attention to the future. Knowing that he is the only citizen, save for his family, King Weston I turned to the internet for help. Contacting an online friend known as “Munk” on a Fallout Roleplaying Forum known as “The Wastes”, King Weston I appointed Munk as the Westoninan Minister of the Internet. There, Minister of the Internet Munk will make sure that King Weston’s I stake in the “The Wastes” is secure and the Westoninan import of Pornography continues unfettered.

On May 1, King Weston I began gaining citizens. It was a friend’s birthday party, and King Weston I was invited. Arriving there dressed in un-formal clothes to not have to cause everybody else to wish they wore more formal clothes, King Weston I began to gain some citizens. Bringing the birthday boy; now known as Archduke Shaffuer, into his kingdom King Weston I also brought along several other people such as his Hazyness Jogall , Sir Lugenbeil, Sir Bill, and Sir Dave.

Along with this, King Weston I came under a sudden realization. His former system of Nobles, Knights and Peasants became too complex to explain on a short moment. Changing it quickly, the new system of government can be seen in the section below.

Soon after the party, King Weston I went back to Sir Lugenbeil’s house with his Hazyness Jogall, and Sir Dave. Knight-Commander of the Eastern Sector Jayson joined soon after when the group went to his house. The former stablemaster for Westonina was promoted to Knight-Commander of the Eastern Sector a few hours later after watching the movie Blood Diamond.

In light of the recent spades of new citizens of Westonina, King Weston I decreed that May 1 be celebrated as “Citizen Day” in which Citizens are encouraged to do something to spur Westoninan national pride.

As of May 3, 2010, The Kingdom of Westonina has renewed there old friendship and trade alliance with friend the Slinky Parliamentary Monarchy. The cause for the renewal was that King Weston I pushed his small micronation out of his mind, thus, causing him to go inactive in the world of micronations. With this renewal, all of the old terms of there previous friendship are revived. This includes the Westoninan-Slinky trade alliance.

Threats of a Coup (May 3rd, 2010 -- July 1st, 2010)

On May 3, 2010; King Weston I and Count Chuck were sitting at the dinner table talking. The topic slowly shifted over to King Weston’s succession from Count Chuck; formerly “Dear Leader Chuck”, and how he still considered King Weston to be under his rule. When King Weston I pointed out that he had, in fact, succeeded from former “Dear Leader Chuck’s” own nation, Count Chuck retorted “I’ll show YOU a succession”.

King Weston I took this as a threat, and a “cold war” of sorts is forming inside of Castle Foster. Though King Weston’ I nation is much larger then Former “Dear Leader’s Chuck”, Former “Dear Leader Chuck” actually owns the lands of Castle Foster. With this threat of a coup and a civil war rising, King Weston I has temporarily suspended the King’s Court from being held in Castle Foster; for fear of the coup happening and taking his loyal citizens away from the rightful ruler; King Weston I. As of May 3, 2010 7:08 PM Eastern Time; this situation is still ongoing.

As of July 1, 2010; King Weston I decided that after two months of no attempted coup; the situation was resolved. Breathing a sigh of relief for both himself and Westonina, King Weston I hopes to continue to branch out into the Micronational world.

Goverment of The Kingdom of Westonina

The Kingdom of Westonina is a Confederate Monarchy, with King Weston I at the head of it’s government. From his lofty throne (the couch) in Castle Foster (the basement of his house) he can decree edicts and make laws that can affect the citizens of his tiny nation. Beneath him is the “Nobles”, close friends or family of King Weston I that were lucky enough to have titles bestowed on them. The actual name of the titles are made up by the Nobles themselves, but, in order to receive the title of Noble they have to donate there land to the Kingdom of Westonina and become under the direct rule of the King. However, in return, they get to still rule the land they donated and earn a spot in the King’s Court; the main governing body of Westonina.

Below the King and the Nobles are the Knights. The Knights are generally people that are friends with both the King and the Nobles; but they don’t wish to donate there land to the Kingdom and become under the direct rule of the Kingdom. That, or, they could be relatives of the King or the Nobles that cannot become Nobles due to the fact that one of there relatives are already one. Knights are under the subject rule of the Nobles and the King. Being a Knight allows the person to gain more of a voice in the King’s Court. Knights are controlled via the King and the Nobles.

Below the King, the nobles and the knights are the peasants. There always people that live on the Kingdoms land that are not Knights or Nobles. Often there annoying younger brothers or sisters, relatives of the knights and nobles that don’t have a title granted. There have basic rights and can influence the Kings Court via Knights and Nobles. Still, they are often ignored or left out the loop; with the Kingdom not wanting to interfere with there lives.

The Kingdom of Westonina also has a high-amount of indivual liberty for a Monarchy. As long as they don’t break the rules of the Kingdom or annoy the King; then they can do whatever they want. The rules of the Kingdom of Westonina are below. New additions are added most of the time, whenver King Weston I thinks of some more.

The Confederate part of the monarchy comes in the form of that the Nobles have abosulate power in there own terroritys. In fact, sometimes the Nobles make there own laws in there small fiefdoms that don’t apply to the wider Kingdom. To the King, this is perfectly fine as long as the fiefdoms don’t start bickering or defy the Kings edicts.

So far, no issue of this Confederate Monarchy has come up. The nobles do what they want on there land and listen to the King. Unlike a normal Confederacy, however, the King has power to step in and change laws he wishes too. Being a bit on the lazy side, however, he chooses not to.

May 1, 2010 Reforms

As of May 1, 2010 the government of the Kingdom of Westonina has changed as following:

The ranking of Nobles and Knights has been abolished. Now, everybody is considered on the same level as each other but with fancier titles. For those that are simply called “Sir [Name here]”, it’s because a fancier title hasn’t been given out yet. The King’s Court now composes of everybody with a title in Westonina (Who is pretty much everybody).

The stripping of some-one’s title is now the greatest punishment, which demotes them to being a “Peasant”. While being a peasant, the offender cannot have a say directly in the King’s Court. The restoring of the title takes time, and usually an off-the-wall act that greatly humors King Weston I. Upon restoration of the title, they are allowed to resume life as it was.

Upon the third stripping of the title, the offender is subject to an airsoft firing squad. Each member of the kingdom present (expect for other peasants) are allowed to fire one BB into the person’s back at a distance of 30 paces.

On the subject of land ownership, King Weston I has allowed citizens to rule there own land as they see fit; as long as they abid to the Westoninan Charter. With failure to comply to the charter, they offender will have there title stripped for two seven-day weeks.

Kingdom of Westonina Charter

* Thou shalt not anger the King

* Thou shall respect thy King

* Thou shalt not commit Murder

* Thou shalt not commit crimes against the United States or any other foreign nation.

* Thou shalt not play any crappy songs

* Thou shalt not change the radio station the King has chosen.

* Thou shalt not commit revolution/coup/takeover/a rap-battle against the King.

* Thou shall honor April 29th as “National Succession Day”.

* Thou shall respect thy friend, King, country, and United States.’’

* Thou shall respect Airsoft as a sport.

* Thou shalt not act like a 'gangsta' unless your doing it in good-humor, yo.

* Thou shall respect thy king, unless thy king is high. In that case, ignore thy king for thiry mintues, for thy king shall be looking at his hand and wondering why theres all these lights in the room. After thirty mintues, listen to thy king agian.

* Thou shalt not shoot thy fellow citzen with an airsoft gun when a game is not in session. If thou does, thou is a jackass.

* If thou has gummy candy, thou shall share with thy friends and equals.

* Thou shall take everything in good humor.

* Thou shall respect the fact that your freedoms are yours.

* Thou shall respect all of the Kingdom's allies.

* Thou shall know thy place if thy is a peasnt.

* Thou shall not stand in front of the TV while other people are playing Video Games. If thou does, thou is a jackass.

* Thou has to provide thy own airsoft equipment. The King can't keep loaning his guns out forever, you know.

The Kings Court

The Kings Court is the only council of power in the Kingdom of Westonina. The Kings Court acts more like an advisory body to the King, occasionally pitching there own idea to the King. In times in which the King is conflicted over a decision, the Kings Court may put up a vote on if the measure is passed. Through a show of hands, if one side agrees if one measure; then that one will win.

In short, The Kings Court is there to advise the King and vote on issues that the King himself is conflicted about. Still, the Kings Court fulfill many functions. For example, they serve as a way for the various Nobles to get together and discuss there plans. Without it, the Kingdom of Westonina would be conflicted and dead.

May 1, 2010 Reforms

As of May 1, 2010; the Kings Court retains many of the same functions as it did before the May 1st reforms. The Kings Court is only there to advise the King on matters on which that he cannot decide on his own.

However, now every citizen in Westonina is allowed to pitch there ideas in the Kings Court. The only people that are exempt for suggesting ideas is those that are stripped of there title from the King or those that are not Westoninan citizens.

Current List of the Kings Court**

  • Archduke Shauffer
  • His Hazyness Jogall
  • Sir Lugenbeil
  • Sir Dave
  • Knight-Commander of the Eastern Sector Jayson
  • Sir Bill

** The people not listed on this is the Westoninan Minister of the Internet Munk and Count Chuck. The Minister of the Internet Munk isn't on the list because he isn't in the Kingdom itself, and, has no way of phyiscal meeting the rest of the King's Court. Count Chuck isn't on the list because he only serves as a governet of Castle Foster; watching over it while King Weston I is away.

Foreign Diplomacy

Foreign Diplomacy in the Kingdom of Westonina handled simply. Occasionally, someone may send or the King may send an offer of friendship. If offered, the King will almost always agree to join in the friendship; with few cases of him refusing to do so.

The Kingdom of Westonina'a "Diplomacy Tree"

In honor of all friends of the Kingdom of Westonina both past, current and future, King Weston I declared that a tree in the backyard of Castle Foster become the official “Diplomacy Tree” of the small kingdom. The tree is currently small, symbolizing the current state of the Kingdom’s foreign diplomacy efforts. As the tree grows, King Weston I hopes that both his Kingdom and his other Micronational friends grow as well. Each branch on the tree is named after one of Westonina's Allies.

Current List of the Kingdom of Westonina's Allies

* Slinky Parliamentary Monarchy, as of May 03, 2010.

As of May 3, 2010; the Kingdom of Westonina and the Slinky Parliamentary Monarchy have renewed the terms of there friendship that went inactive on March 2, 2010. With this renewal, the fact of there trade alliance is also renewed. For the trade alliance, it accepts that the fact that the Westoninan Sovereign (formerly the Westoninan Dollar) is compatible with the USD Dollar.


The culture of the Kingdom of Westonina is varied. Most of the culture revolves around video gaming; a hobby that King Weston I can be seen doing when he’s not working on his stately activity’s. Another popular pastime for all Westoninan’s is the game of Airsoft, a combat simulation game that is used to both train the Westoninan people in the art of warfare and as a way to gain exercise.

Food is an important part of Westonian culture, with Beef Stroganoff being a personal favorite of King Weston I. When the Kings Court is in session, you can normally expect talk of ordering a Meat Lovers Pizza from a nearby American pizza chain.

As for Movies and Music, most Westonian’s can be listening to Amercian-made Rock, Metal or Rap; with Rock and Metal taking prevalence over Rap. The bands Metallica, Alien Ant Farm, System of a Down, Dillanger Escape Plan and several others are the current most popular on the Westonian Music Charts. As for Movies, action movies take prevalence, with the current most popular being the film ‘District 9’. Following behind in a close second is the movie ‘Saving Private Ryan’ and ‘Austin Powers: Goldmember’ taking third.

Another important part of Westonian culture is humor. If you have a good sense of humor, a tough skin and not afraid to sling insults, then you’ll fit in with the small Westonian nation. Plus, American comedians like Dane Cook and Jeff Dunham are national favorites.

Another part of Westonian culture that is highly regarded is free speech. Sometimes even the King cannot silence someone when they have a ball rolling and there talking; no matter how annoying. Everybody has the right to speak there mind freely, but, they may find themselves being told to “shut up” every time they open there mouth.

The process of the ‘hang-out’ is also popular among Westoninan citzens. Every weekened, or at least every other one, Westoninan citizens can be seen hanging out en-masse. Considering on how small the Kingdom is, it isn’t that hard. During this time-honored tradition, there’s often much playing of video games; talking, eating, playing airsoft, and sleeping.

Holidays unique to Westonina

* April 20th: National Plant Day.

* April 29th: Sucession Day from Dear Leader Chuck.

* May 1st: Citizens Day. Citizens are encouraged to do something Westoninan.

Various Pictures of the Kingdom of Westonina