Republic of Alerther

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The Republic of Alerther
Flag of Republic of Alerther
Motto: Together we stand, united we fall.
Anthem: In the Sky
CapitalAlerther City
Official languagesEnglish
• Current leader
King Jacob the Brave, King Kevin the Noble and King Kai the Artistic
• Foundation

The Republic of Alerther was founded by King Jacob in the year 2000. It is located in North America and surrounded by the USA. After a few years of war with the samurai, other Kings gained power and merged their nations with the Alerther to help defeat the Samurai. The war was won and we are currently in peacetime.


Alerther's territories consists of Amsterock, the founding place of Alerther and home of the capital city, Alerther City, and Isralica.

The Isralica Flag


Our government is an Oligarchy of King Jacob, Kevin and Kai who control the nation, however, the people have a say. If they can get a two-thirds vote in favor of a veto, the law is taken out. We are currently working on writing our Constitution.


Our nation currently has 4 departments:
-The Diplomacy and Foreign Affairs Department (Controlled by King Kevin)
-The Defense Department (Controlled by King Jacob)
-The Economics Department (Controlled by King Kevin)
-The Citizenship and Immigration Department (Controlled by King Jacob)


The Republic of Alerthers currency is Jade. Our currency is backed by USD (4j = $1) and certain hard to find rock. All of the USD/Rock is stored in Alerbank's Mint. Alerbank is owned by Alercorp. You can purchace j using USD, however, this can't be reversed.


The Republic of Alerther is currently looking to create formal alliances with several Micronations. More will be posted on this as Allies are made. For diplomacy requests, please contact with the subject being "Diplomacy Request"

Current Allies:
-Slinky Empyre
-Kingdom of Pipeland
-Republic of Taigh a Bata
-Commandate of Samana Cay
-Crown Principality of Landashir

Relationship With Isralica

Isralica is a region of Alerther after several treaties. It is similar to the EU because Isralica governs itself but has open borders and a common currency with Alerther. However, most other things are separate. Also, since King Kevin is a King of Alerther and Isralica, a part of the treaty was that Alerbank be moved to Isralica, which it is now located in the Mill Falls Region of Isralica.

The Alertherian Armed Forces

The Alertherian Armed Forces contains the Army which guards and fights for our nation. We are currently not at war at this time. The Alertherian Armed Forces are controlled by the Defense Department and King Jacob.


The Republic's main sport is Cross-Country due to the large amount of trails around it. King Jacob and Kai love the sport and run it for the local school.

Another major sport is biking due to the large amount of trails and roads around the Alertherian area. King Kevin loves the sport and bikes everyday around Isralica.


In order to become a citizen of The Republic of Alerther, you must apply to with the subject being "Citizenship Request". In the email, you are to write:
-Your Name
-What you can bring to Alerther
-Previous Micronations you have been citizens of
-Current Nation you are a citizen of
-Your e-mail address