Kingdom of Pipeland

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The Kingdom of Pipeland
Pipeland Flag.png
Pipeland arms.png

Trois beers pour favor avec us, silver plate

(Three beers please)

Official language

English, Batakréyol

Recognised regional language Nanny Ogg French
Denonym Pipelander
Government Absolute constitutional monarchy
Capital Pipeland Rock (in reality, the government was based in the Republic of Taigh a Bata)
Area approx. 0.23 sq km
Location Pirnmill, Isle of Arran, Scotland
Official Currencies

Pipeland Pound (£), Northwest Island Pound (£), British Pound (£), Taigh a Bata Dollar (TB$)

Monarch King Scott Harwood I
Date Founded

August 10, 2009

Heads of Government King Scott Harwood I, Gavin Anderson

The Kingdom of Pipeland was a micronation formed on the 10th of August 2009. It was disbanded on the 28th of November 2010, following the 2010 Taigh a Bata flood.


After a walk near the old hydro-electric dam in Pirnmill, the President of Taigh a Bata, Scott Harwood, decided to make the Kingdom of Pipeland independent from the UK.

It's constitution and acts were based on the Republic of Taigh a Bata, with some differences. For example, Pipeland was a Kingdom and it's Independence Day was on the 10th of August and not the 15th of June.

Pipeland was a protecorate of Taigh a Bata. Taigh a Bata controlled the reserved matters, whilst Pipeland was free to make its own laws as long as they did not conflict with the reserved laws.


The currencies of Pipeland were the Pipeland Pound, Northwest Island Pound, British Pound and the Taigh a Bata Dollar. The Pipeland Pound only came out in denominations of £1, £3 and £5 pound notes and was pegged at 1:1 with the British Pound. The Northwest Island Pound was pegged at 1:1 with the Pipeland Pound. The British Pound was used due to the proximity with the United Kingdom, and the fact that the United Kingdom did not accept Pipeland currency. Because the King was also the President of the Republic of Taigh a Bata, and the Kingdom was close to the Republic, the Taigh a Bata Dollar is the third official currency. All four currencies were used in Pipeland, Taigh a Bata and the Intermicronational State of Northwest Island.


On the 22nd of September 2010, the Pipeland Bridge was washed away in a powerful flood. As a result, there is no proper connection between the north and south sides of the Allt Gobhlach river.