Principality of Landopia

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Landopia is a principality located in the Italian region of South Tyrol.

Principato di Landopia
Coat of Arms
National Flag

"Vivat, vivat, vivat!"
National singing
Capital cityLandopia City
Official language(s)Esperanto (de iure) Italian, german, english [de facto]
Governmentsingle-chamber parliamentary monarchy
Established20 December 2018
Area claimed96 km2
This country is a member of UMNI

The Principality of Landopia (italian: Principato di Landopia), is a micronation founded by Carlo, the actual Prince of the Nation. The Principality is a single-chamber parliamentary monarchy with a Constitution divided into two parts (Main Articles of State and Civil Rights).

State, coat of arms and flag

The coat of arms of the principality is represented with two rampant lions that hold the coat of arms upright. In the first quadrant, the treaty of state creation is represented, in the second, the first page of the constitution, in the third, the coat of arms of the capital and in the last quadrant is depicted the coat of arms of the royal family of state.

in the flag of civil status, is a flag with three horizontal bands with a golden lily in the center, which indicates honor, and a white star, symbolizing hope, in the first band. The colors (from top to bottom) are blue, white and blue.

Medals, titles and honors

Currently, there are no medals, but only noble titles awarded to the most deserving Landipiani citizens and not. Below, the table in order of merit, the titles of the honors:

Name of the Title Title class Image
Alfiere del Principato 1st degree honor
Cavaliere del Principato 2nd degree honor
Commendatore del Principato 3rd degree honor
Gran Commendatore del Principato 4th degree honor


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The Royal Family

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Nationals holydays

Date Name Purpose
1 January New Year's Day Celebrates the incoming year.
19 April National holyday Celebrates the birth of the Prince Carlo I.
20 December Principality day The birth of the Principality is celebrated.
25 December Christmas Celebration of the Christian holiday.

Secret services

Information System for the Security of the Principality (it: Sistema di Informazione per la Sicurezza del Principato, or SISP) is the set of bodies and authorities that have the task of ensuring information activities in order to safeguard the Principality of Landopia from the dangers and threats coming from both inside and outside. the articulation of the System thus makes it possible to "face change with change" by adapting its structures to the changing context, according to the guidelines given by the President of the Council of Ministers assisted by the Interministerial Committee for the Security of the Principality to safeguard the fundamental rights of citizens.