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Landgrup S.A.
Public company (Societate Anonimă)
Postal services
Mass media
Founded28 February 2014
Area served
Key people
Cocolino Iliescu (General Manager)

Landgrup S.A. is a Juclandian branded conglomerate that resulted from the union of several state-owned companies into a single, publicly traded corporation. It was formed in February 2014 by Juktelecom and Poșta Juclandeză, which were later joined by several other state-owned companies. All of its subsidiaries were re-branded in April 2014 to various versions containing the "Land-" prefix.

Its original headquarters were in the Bank Tower, replacing the headquarters of Juktelecom. However, the group moved to the Vedado building in April 2014, in a space administered by the former Juclandian Post.

The company enjoys an informal monopoly in most sectors it is active in. This means that while the state does not prohibit the formation of private competitors in these sectors, no private companies have been created yet. Its formation resulted in a better management of all its subsidiaries, which were confronted with bureaucratic difficulties before Landgrup was formed.


Juktelecom was a Juclandian telecommunications company founded on July 28, 2008, to serve Jucărești and the surrounding areas as a state-owned universal service. In 2013, the company was reorganised and reformed due to its old infrastructure and unsatisfactory services.

In 2012, the Juclandian Post (Poșta Juclandeză) was founded by the government of Iepurica Democrescu to handle incoming and outgoing mail.

Along with other companies owned by the Royal Ministry of Civil Affairs and Communications of Juclandia, the two companies formed Landgrup in February 2014 in an attempt to form an efficient management system.


  • Landtelekom (former Juktelecom S.A.) - telecommunications
  • Landpost (former Poșta Juclandeză) - postal services, courier
  • Landpress (former Scânteia Press Agency) - wire service, news agency
  • Landmedia (former Scânteia Media) - audio recording, motion pictures
  • Landsoft - software and IT&C


Although it's a publicly traded company, Landgrup is currently entirely owned by the Royal Government of Juclandia.

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