Ebenthali Ambassador to Vishwamitra

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Ambassador of the Kingdom of Ebenthal to Vishwamitra
Flag of Ebenthal.svg
Flag of the Ambassador
The Mt. Dig. The Duke of Macau

since 1 January 2021
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
StyleThe Most Dignified
Reports toMinister of Foreign Affairs
ResidenceAmbassador's House
NominatorMinister of Foreign Affairs
AppointerThe King
Term lengthAt the pleasure of the monarch
No fixed term
Formation1 January 2021
First holderThe Duke of Macau
Final holderThe Duke of Macau
Abolished20 November 2022
Flag of the State of Vishwamitra.

The Ebenthali Ambassador to the State of Vishwamitra was the official diplomatic representative of the government of the Kingdom of Ebenthal to Vishwamitra. The official titles was His Majesty's Ambassador to Vishwamitra. The office was considered one of the most important posts of Ebenthal's diplomatic services.

The Kingdom of Ebenthal first officially recognized the State of Vishwamitra as a sovereign state on 2 August 2020 through a treaty of mutual recognition and friendship, being the first Asian nation to enter in relations with Ebenthal. Vishwamitra eventually grew to become one Ebenthal's closest allies. In 1 January 2021 the office of Amabassador to Vishwamitra was created by the Royal Decree 1-21 with The Most Dignified Fernando Liang, Duke of Macau, being appointed as the first office-holder. It was ultimatelly disestablished following the break of relations between Ebenthal and Vishwamitra in 20 November 2022.

The Ebenthali Ambassador was the primary responsible for the specific relations between Ebenthal and Vishwamitra, this means, for the immediate interests of Ebenthal in Vishwamitra, and served a primarily ceremonial role, answering to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

List of Ambassadors

No. Name Resident of Tenure Time in office Appointer
1 The Duke of Macau Non-resident 1 January 2021 – 20 November 2022 1 year, 323 days Arthur II

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