Dimitrije Golubović

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Dimitrije Golubović
President of Micronational Virtual Football Federation
Elected on office
28 March 2017 - present
Predecessor Edwin Farrar
Successor Left Micronationalism
Governor of the Kraï of New-Ingolstadt
Installed in office
02 April 2017 - 20 May 2017
President Babou Chkaya
Predecessor Soviet Suprême
Successor Left Micronationalism
Personal information
Born 17 May 2005 (2005-05-17) (age 16)
Niš, Serbia and Montenegro Flag of SerbiaAA.svg.png
Citizenship Occitanian
Citizenship of Kingdom of Dubast
Political party DPRP 2016-2017
Esquerra! 2017-
Residence Niš, Serbia
Religion Christianity


Early micronationalism

Dimitrije discovered micro-nationalism two months after the founding of Liberland. His favorite micronations were: Austenasia, Liberland, and Vikesland. He was dreaming of being a part of Grand Unified Micronational. He didn`t want to start a micronation by himself, so he talked with his best friend about starting a micronation together. They started a micronation and called it Democratic Nation of Duaktoserija. Name of his friend was David. Duaktoserija had some problems with one friend of David. He wanted to start his own micronation several times and attack us. Dimitrije and David stopped him after some diplomatic talks. Duaktoserija had big plans. Duaktoserija wants to start special agriculture places, clay pots factory, army to control all potential problems, library, university... All plans stopped when Duaktoserija merged with Farrar Republic. The URFD was created.

United Republic of Farrar and Duaktoserija

After days of talks Edwin Farrar and Dimitrije made a micronation called the United Republic of Farrar and Duaktoserija(URFD). Dimitrije worked hard with Edwin Farrar to make a very good micronation. URFD had chatrooms on Discord and on Skype where Dimitrije talked with Edwin. URFD also had very big plans. URFD had potential to be a good micronation. It stopped existing when Dimitrije got out from micro-nationalism because of his books and school.

Non-micronationalism era

Dimitrije was not in micro-nationalism until he became the Serbian ambassador for Republic of Farrar. Dimitrije still contacted Farrar, when he left micro-nationalism. Because of that Edwin Farrar organized a cup called The DG Cup.

Return to micronationalism

On 2 March 2017, Dimitrije was appointed as a secretary of MVFF. This is because Dimitrije helped Edwin Farrar in making the MVFF. Dimitrije (with the help of Edwin Farrar) made a website for MVFF. Dimitrije wrote the charter of MVFF. He also wrote the membership application and application for hosting MVFF World Cup. On 4 March 2017, Dimitrije became a member of DPRP.

End of Farrar

After the disappearance of Farrar, he devotes himself to football and becomes independent politically.

Former Offices

Office Arrival way Date Predecessor Successor
President of the Democratic Nation of Duaktoserija Elected 24 November 2016 – 30 January 2017 David Mihajlovic Dissolved
Serbian ambassador of Republic of Farrar Installed in Unknown - 7 March 2017‎ Office created Dissolved

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