Micronational Virtual Football Federation

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The Micronational Virtual Football Federation
Formation28 Feb. 2017
TypeVirtual Football Association
HeadquartersNis, Serbia
Membership14 full members
Vice-PresidentFilip Augustyniak
SecretaryAlexander Gibbs
WebsiteWebsite of MVFF

The Micronational Virtual Football Federation, commonly known by the initialism MVFF, is an international virtual football body for micronations, headed by Dimitrije Golubović following the resignation of Edwin Farrar. The MVFF is responsible for the organisation and governance of football's major virtual micronational tournaments, most notably the MVFF World Cup. The MVFF meetings are held on a Skype chatroom. The first tournament organised by the MVFF was the DG Cup. It was announced on the 6th March 2017 that Coria City would host the MVFF Champions League Final. On the 9 March 2017, the Polish Republic of Freeland was announced to be the MVFF World Cup host. The Kingdom of Coria won the MVFF's first competition,the DG Cup 2017. A European Championship and |Copa America is planned. Both competitions have been the topic of discussion within the Federation. On 25 April 2017, Elsanor left MVFF. On 8 May 2017, Occitania left the MVFF. On the 15th June 2017,Dimitrije Golubović resigned and ex-president Edwin Farrar took over as interim president until the Presidential Elections. However later on the Florian Republic and Coria would withdraw from the competition.


The MVFF is made up of three regional confederations, these regional organise regional tournaments such as the MVFF World Cup.

  ECVF-European Confederation of Virtual Football.
  ACVF-American Confederation of Virtual Football.(North and South America)

Competions organised

MVFF World Cup Qualifying competitions

Club Competitions

International Competitions


Picture Name Country Term Notes
Edwin Farrar Farrar 28 February 2017 - 28 March 2017 Founder of the MVFF. Resigned after quittting micronationalism.
Dimitrije Golubović Florian Republic (Oldhaven)
28 March 2017 - 15 June 2017 One of the founders of MVFF. He was the Secretary before he got to be the president. Resigned due to illness and heavy workload outside micronationalism.


The first ranking table was released on the 14th March 2017.It included all MVFF Results including the DG Cup and the results from the Virtual Football World Cup 2016. The rankings are similar to the Fifa World Rankings. Micronations, however, will still be able to gain points even if they don't play another micronation.The Formula will be Match x Importance x Confederation Strength x Opponent Strength.

Rankings as of ????
Rank Change Team Points
1 Steady Quailia 245
2 Steady Freeland 170
3 Steady Fairfax 165
4 Steady Perisia 110
5 Steady Glastieve 75
6 Steady Oldhaven 70
7 Steady Imvrassia 65
8 Steady Serbica 42.5
9 Steady Nedland 30
10 Steady Stravinia 17.5



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MVFF Results


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