Cluster (Juclandia)

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Cluster. The Popular Unity Group
Cluster. Grupul Unității Populare
President Benjamin Kytsou
General Secretary Ovia Bogi
Founded 6 April 2014
Headquarters Jucărești
Membership  (2016) 60
Ideology Progressivism
Civic nationalism
Social libertarianism
Political position Left (Juclandian)
Official colors Purple, White
Seats in the Great National Assembly
55 / 160
Seats in the Council of State
6 / 15

Cluster. The Popular Unity Group (Romanian: Cluster. Grupul Unității Populare), known colloquially by its short name Cluster, and formerly by its acronym FUP, is one of the four Juclandian political parties, formerly a political alliance made up of the Communist Party of Juclandia, the Liberal Alliance and independent affiliated individuals. It represents the traditional Juclandian Left, which promotes principles such as anti-statism, tolerance, equality and social progressivism. The Front has been founded on the 6th of April 2014, as a result of a political crisis that has reshaped the country's politics.[1]

The Popular Unity Front is currently the sole governing political movement of Juclandia, enjoying a majority in the Assembly of Deputies. However, it only has one quarter of the seats in the Council of State, and the opposition can delay the adoption of new legislation by having it temporarily vetoed by the President of Juclandia.

On 6 November 2018 the Popular Unity Front adopted a new name and visual identity.


The movement is led by President Ovia Bogi and General Secretary Teddy Populescu. However, as the President of a political movement in Juclandia usually has limited attributions, most power in the party currently rests with the General Secretary and the Central Committee, an executive body made up of 5 members, elected annually by the members of the movement.


  1. Ovia Bogi (6 April 2014 - 30 May 2016)
  2. Benjamin Kytsou (30 May 2016 – present)

General Secretaries:

  1. Teddy Populescu (6 April 2014 - 30 May 2016)
  2. Ovia Bogi (30 May 2016 – present)

Electoral results

The movement has yet to participate in any election, but so far its constituent parties managed to get important gains at the last elections in December 2013. Together, the Liberals and the Communists earned 44.5% of the popular vote and 13 of the 25 seats in the Assembly of Deputies. They currently have 16 deputies in the Assembly, as 3 members of the Socialist Party have defected to the FUP after the Socialists broke up the coalition agreement with the other two parties in the Progressive Juclandia coalition.