Acts of the Landsting in Demirelia

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Acts of the Landsting in the Kingdom of Demirelia are laws passed by the Landsting and by the Monarch. They are the primary means of legislation in the Kingdom and can overturn any other law (including previous Acts of the Landsting) except for the Constitutional Charter and Royal decrees.


Acts of the Landsting are either proposed by the Monarch or MPs of the Landsting. Legislation is voted on by the Landsting, and if it gains a majority is sent to the monarch for assent. The monarch may withhold their assent, thereby vetoing the bill and preventing it from entering into law.

Acts are written both in Norwegian and English, with Norwegian versions being authoritative. All acts are dated in the Gregorian calendar.

Acts of the Landsting commence with the following: BE IT ENACTED, by the King’s most Eminent Majesty, by and with the advice and consent of the members of the Landsting of the Kingdom, in this present Landsting assembled, and by the authority of the same, as follows;



title Proposer Passed Royal Assent Status Notes
Constitutional Charter of the Kingdom of Demirelia (Eng.)
Konstitusjonelle Frihetsbrev for Kongeriket Demirelia (Nor.)
HM King Patrick 10 October 2019 10 October 2019 Enforced
Language Law Act (Eng.)
Språkloven (Nor.)
Lise Næsheim-Renwick 6 December 2019 6 December 2019 Enforced


title Proposer Passed Royal Assent Status Notes
Military Law Act (Eng.)
Militærloven (Nor.)
HM King Patrick 21 May 2020 21 May 2020 Enforced
National and Royal Anthem Law Act (Eng.)
Nasjonal og Kongesang Loven (Nor.)
Lise Næsheim-Renwick 29 May 2020 29 May 2020 Enforced
Constitutional Language Amendment Law Act (Eng.)
Konstitusjonelle Språkendringsloven (Nor.)
Sean Renwick 19 June 2020 19 June 2020 Enforced Constitutional amendment
first passed on 06/06/20
Territorial Organisation Law Act (Eng.)
Territorielle Organisasjonsloven (Nor.)
Lise Næsheim-Renwick 3 July 2020 3 July 2020 Enforced
Annexation Law Act (Eng.)
Annekteringsloven (Nor.)
HM King Patrick 3 July 2020 3 July 2020 Enforced
Bundesrat Law Act (Eng.)
Bundesratloven (Nor.)
HM King Patrick 14 August 2020 14 August 2020 Enforced
Royal Style Law Act (Eng.)
Kongelige Tiltaleformsloven (Nor.)
HM King Patrick 28 August 2020 29 August 2020 Enforced Constitutional amendment
first passed on 14/08/20
Celebratory Days Law Act (Eng.)
Festdagsloven (Nor.)
HMEM King Patrick 11 September 2020 11 September 2020 Enforced