Abelden v Brazeau

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Abelden v Brazeau
Seal of the Supreme Court of Abelden.png
Supreme Court of the Abeldane Empire
Case nameAbelden v Brazeau
Charges(1) Use of a sockpuppet individual for the subversion of Abeldane democracy
ProsecutorAttorney General Horatio Eden
DefendantsMichael Thomas Brazeau
William Burr
Defense AttorneysAva Neasa
Anthony R Clark
Heard bySupreme Court of Abelden
Charges Dismissed

Abelden v Brazeau was a legal action in the Abeldane Empire. The case commenced when Attorney General Horatio Eden charged Michael Thomas Brazeau with creating the fake persona William Burr in order to gain an advantage in upcoming elections, and was heard by the Supreme Court of Abelden. The case was dismissed by the Supreme Court on March 28, 2018.


The Case was commenced on March 14, 2018, when Attorney General Horatio Eden charged Michael Thomas Brazeau, a well-known political figure in the Abeldane Empire, with creating and using the false alias William Burr. It was claimed that Brazeau created Burr in order to reach the minimum requirements form political party membership, and possibly also to cast an extra vote for himself in any upcoming elections.

On the 22nd of March, 2018, the prosecution submitted to the Supreme Court a brief of merits, laying out the main evidence of the case. On the same day, defense lawyers Anthony R Clark and Ava Neasa submitted several pretrial motions calling for the dismissal of the case, or the striking of certain sections of the brief of merits.


The Supreme Court dismissed the case on March 28, 2018, on the basis that use of a sockpuppet is not explicitly proscribed in any Abeldane legislation. Although Attorney General Eden stated that he planned to appeal the decision, he never did so.


Michael Thomas Brazeau has threatened on multiple occasions to sue Attorney General Eden for bringing the case against him. However, he has made no legal actions yet.