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Marilianfeld, Karlfurt, 2020.
Marilianfeld, Karlfurt, 2020.
Country Ebenthal
Province Herrenwald
Settled29 September 1974
Established30 December 2019
 • BodyKarlfurt Syndicate
 • Syndicvacant
under direct provincial rule
 • Total16 (permanent)

Karlfurt, officialy the Municipality of Karlfurt (Portuguese: Município de Karlfurt, often spelled Calfurt) is the capital and largest municipality of the Province of Herrenwald, being the third most populous municipality in Ebenthal after Minen and Malmünd, with 16 permanent residents. Despite being legally the capital of the province, the administrative center is in the tiny town of Guterfolg, with the President of the Province making constant visits and spending time in Karlfurt.

The municipality was established on 30 December 2019 by the King Arthur II of Ebenthal through the charter granting sovereignty over the lands that form Altentupiland to the Ebenthali State. Karlfurt, like the rest of Altentupiland's territory, belongs privately to the King's stepfather, of whom he is the sole legal heir, and belonged to his stepfather's father since the acquisiton of those lands in 1974. At the time of the establishment of the province and its capital, Arthur II had only reigned for a day as King of Ebenthal. Between 2019 and 2022 Karlfurt was the Ebenthali municipality that expanded the most, with the construction of three new houses, a small public leisure area and a commercial building. When the Carlenburger monarchy was abolished and the principality renamed Province of Altentupiland between 2021 and 2022, the former Prince and appointed President of the Province, at the urging of his stepson the King, attempted to hold elections for Syndic - the local equivalent of an Administrator - but he was unsuccessful, putting the capital then under his direct control.

Karlfurt is one of the main communities in the country for its unique political geography, bringing together its entire population under a single enclave. The city is normally governed by a Syndic elected by universal suffrage in addition to adopting a system of direct democracy although, due to the failure of the last election, the city was placed under the direct administration of the provincial government, leaving the position of Syndic vacant. The municipality has 2 streets, 9 houses and 1 commercial building, in addition to a small square and public playground, and is divided into three districts, two of them inhabited (Franziska and Marilianfeld) and the third formed by virgin forest (Herr Karl Wald). In 2021 Karlfurt was elected the third best gastronomic hub in Ebenthal after Mariënburg and Minen.


The name Karlfurt is formed by the junction of the Germanization of the Portuguese name Carlos (Karl), in reference to Carlos Monteiro dos Santos, father of Reinaldo Monteiro, President of the Province of Altentupiland and stepfather of King Arthur II, original owner of the land acquired in 1974, and the German toponymy Furt which means "to cross a river, stream", in reference to the Inhomirim river that crosses under the city.