Foreign relations of Los Bay Petros

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Federal Republic of Los Bay Petros

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the Federal Republic of Los Bay Petros

Diplomatic relations of Los Bay Petros is the way of diplomacy in the Federal Republic of Los Bay Petros.

Coat of Arms of LBP

Los Bay Petros established its first foreign relations with SFR Nemkhavia. And currently Los Bay Petros maintains a diplomatic relations with 37 Micronations.

Recognized Nations

Los Bay Petros recognizes all of their allies and micronations with a diplomatic relations with Los Bay Petros, and this following nations:

Flag Nation (Micronation / Macronations)
Flag of the United Nations.svg All United Nations member states
Flag of Palestine.svg Palestine
Flag of Kosovo.svg Kosovo
Flag of Abkhazia.svg Abkhazia
Flag of Taiwan.svg Republic of China (Taiwan)
Flag of Molossia.svg Molossia
Flag of Sealand Sealand
Flag stcharlie.png St.Charlie
Untitled.jpg Varcetia
Flag of Lovely.png Lovely
Flag of Seborga.png Seborga

Diplomatic Relations

There are 37 other micronations in the world who currently maintains a diplomatic Relations with the Federal Republic of Los Bay Petros, who 17 out of all maintains a formal diplomatic relations or a military defense alliance. All subjected micronations below has its own embassy located in Dredim and Labstadt.

Flag Nation (Micronation / Macronations) Location Diplomatic status
Confederate.jpg Valnor USA Formal
National Flag of Rukora.jpg Rukora United Kingdom Formal
Flag-of-Juclandia.png Juclandia Romania Formal
Vedicflag.png Vedistan India Formal
Bendera Indokistan 3.png Republic of Indokistan Indonesia Formal
KossianMonarchy.png Grand Duchy of Koss Brazil Formal
Th Flag National 5.png Republic of Theodia USA Formal
Bascal flag.jpg State of Bascal Malaysia Formal
Flag of Sirocco.svg Federal Commonwealth of Sirocco New Zealand Formal
WestsylvaniaFlag.png Westsylvania USA Formal
Flag-is.png Republic of Islamkistan Indonesia Formal
Lostislandflag.jpg Lostisland Hunter Island, Oceania Formal
Flag of Al Rasyid Darussalam.jpg Kingdom of Al Rasyid Darussalam Indonesia Formal
RFSUpdatedFlag.PNG Raflesinesia Indonesia Formal
File:Flag of Fortania.png Kingdom of Fortania Dubai, UAE Formal
Bandeira DEFINITIVA.png Kingdom of Gaston Europe Formal
Wyvernflagaugust2010.png People's State of San Andreas Philipphines Formal
Wyvernflagaugust2010.png Wyvern Netherland Informal
Atlantis.flag.png Republic of Atlantis Italy Informal
Republic of Kuhugstan.png Republic of Kuhugstan USA Informal
Rkos flag.png Reformed Kingdom of Stigistan United Kingdom Informal
Better flag ultamiya.png Republic of Ultamiya USA Informal
Üc1.jpg Principality of üc Turkey Informal
KN flag jpeg.jpg Kingdom of Nathan United Kingdom Informal
Uslssrflag.png USLSSR United Kingdom Informal
Republic of Starland.jpg Republic of Starland USA Informal
Flag of Bethania.jpg Republic of Bethania USA Informal
Tfoeflag.png Technological Federation of Erephisia United Kingdom Informal
Senyaflag.png DES Senya United Kingdom Informal
Sandbarsflag.png Sandbars USA Informal
FTSR Flag.png Tiana USA Informal
Flag of Molossia.svg Molossia USA Informal
Barrington Flag.jpg Barrington United Kingdom Informal
Mullberry flag.jpg Commonwealth of Fundy Canada Informal
Anpix--jaja-koo.png Kazzardist Republic of Anpix Australia Informal
Vulture2.gif Zya-Vulturia USA Informal
Flagy.png Democratic People's Republic of Los Penguinos Informal USA

Former Relations

Flag Nation (Micronation / Macronations) Reason
UPUC international affairs.png Republic of Kozuc Dissolved, became Kozuc Khanate
República de los Dioses del Sol Azteca Flag.jpg República de los Dioses del Sol Azteca Sockpuppet
KOL.png Kingdom of Zurdonia Dissolved
SFRNflag.png Socialist Federal Republic of Nemkhavia Dissolved, Became A1's Republic
A1flag.png Most Glorious People's Republic of A1 Became Federated Republics of A1
HonourableRajputFlag.png Kingdom of Rajputistan Dissolved
File:New Flag of Zeeland-Belgie.jpg Zeeland-Belgie Dissolved, became Republic of Bethania
Imperial Salanian Flag.png Holy Salanian Empire Dissolved, became Commonwealth of NLA
File:Slinky Empyre.png Slinky Empyre Dissolved
New Flag of Fiharaya.jpg Republic of Fihanesia (formerly Fiharaya) Disappointing action made by the Fiharayan government (has been lifted)
Noflag.png Republic of Appalachia Dissolved
A1flag2.png Federated Republics of A1 Dissolved
Yabloko flag.png Yabloko Dissolved

Micronational Organisation

Micronational Organisation that Los Bay Petros joins are:

  1. World Micronational Alliance
  2. G9
  4. Association of Indonesian Micronations
  5. LIR Union
  6. G12