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World Union
Defunct intermicronational organisation

Main aim Maintaining peace and preventing war

Official language(s) English, Finnish, Esperanto, Spanish, Italy, Kurzadic, Greek, Ermahger, Niclish, Gaelic, Bork Bork Bork, Dradelian and Dradelian Kaynian
Main language(s) English and Spanish

Membership 9 full members, 4 observers

Prime Minister Manu II
President Sean O'Ruiarc
Consul Austin Rowe

– Foundation 7 October 2012


The World Union (abbreviated WU in English) was an international organization of secessionist micronations consisting of multiple different nations located all over the world. It was founded by Nico Fors in October 2012 under the idea of peace and equality between nations. The organization has a policy to accept all membership applications, with the only pre-requisite being to have at least one claim on Earth, although members are permitted have virtual or extraterrestrial claims. The WU has currently 14 full members and 8 observers. The WU has 2 prominent subcomponent organizations, the BC Union and the Micronational Peace Group. The union dissolved on April 14, 2013, after the formation of the Association of Prolific Micronations.


The name "World Union" was adopted as the official name of the Union on its date of establishment in late 2012. The name World Union comes from the fact that its foundation goal was to replace the United Nations. Its name in Turkish was "Dünya Birliği" and its name in Finnish was "Maailman Unioni".


Establishment and early years

The World Union was established in 2012 in order to maintain international peace and promote cooperation in solving international economic, social and humanitarian problems, mainly at a micronational level. The term was first officially used on 7 October 2012, when the Union was officially founded. The first Consul elections of WU were held in November 2012 and saw Austin Rowe from La Villa become the first elected consul of the World Union. Sean O'Ruiarc, leader of Arkto Imperio (later Mangdublah), was elected the President of the WU later that year.

The WU was small and inactive until 2013, when many nations such as Hasanistan and Mouzilo joined. The inactive members of the World Union were removed as the union became more active. The first meetings of the General Assembly took place on 20 January 2013, with representatives from all members and observers present.

On 3 January 2013, the Micronational Peace Group was founded by Hasan Çakar and Manu II. The MPG served a similar purpose to the UN Security Council and UN peacekeeping missions. On 11 February 2013, Manu II of Mouzilo was elected as the WU Prime Minister he got 6 of 12, beating Hasan Çakar of Hasanistan and Lothian of Lyonesse. On 22 January 2013, the Templar Council and the Iberian Union joined the World Union.

Micronational Broadcasting Union

Main article: MBU
The Micronational Broadcasting Union merged with the WU on January 22, 2013. In January 2013, the MBU held a song contest. Following the song contest it became inactive and on April 14, 2013, it dissolved with the rest of the World Union.



The World Union system is based on 2 principal organisations World Union General Assembly (WUGA) and Micronational Peace Group (MPG).

The 12 official languages of World Union are used in intergovernmental documents and possibly meetings, usually World Union uses English at the meetings.

English was the language chosen to become the main language of the union when it was founded.

Member States

There are 29 World Union (WU) member states, and 17 of them are members of the World Union General Assembly.

When nation is requesting membership of the World Union, It has to ask it either from Prime Foreign Minister or Prime Minister of the world union and if nation is filling all the requirements of member, then World Union Top-members will vote of it.

If majority votes for membership, then requesting member becomes an member, but if majority votes no, then requesting nation cant access World Union until after 30 days.

Principle only autonomous nations can become members, it does not matter is the member sovereign or not, though.

WU also invites non-member nations aka observers (currently 4 Great Porea, Elefthfria, Agrikesh and Dradelia) into Union, observers have the right to participate the meetings.

World Union also invites organisations and other entities whose statehood or sovereignty are not precisely defined, to become observers at the General Assembly, allowing them to participate and speak, but not vote, in General Assembly meetings.

The current members and their dates of admission are listed below with their official designations used by the World Union.


These are the Top Members, which are in leadership, they have all the rights of an full-member and observers. All Top Nations can start elections, around their subject all the time. They are able to book events. And they have the most responsibilities.

Nation Date of Admission Ambassador
Mangdublah 6 December 2012 Sean O'Ruiarc
Hasanistan 24 November 2012 Hasan Çakar
Stars 8 January 2013 Austin Rowe
Mouzilo 7 October 2012 Manu II
Templar Kingdom 8 October 2012 Prince Eugenio II

Full Members

Nations with Full Memberships have the right to vote for resolutions, stand election for all positions and have all the rights of an Observer Nation.

Nation Date of Admission Ambassador
Nyclos Founder Nico Fors
Danland 21 December 2012 Daniel Soares
Lyonesse 3 January 2013 Mark Thomas Lane
Pisces Republic 2 January 2013 Jack Booth
Chanserly 30 December 2012 John Hobson
Homestead Federal Republic Unknown Ed Saunders
Mahuset Unknown Emiel Hardy
Vetria Unknown Filippo Pradelli
Aden Unknown King Kutay

Observer Members

Observers are Member Nations without an Ambassador and Have decided to stay as Observers. Not official members are free to submit a petition to join as a full member at their discretion.

Observer nations may speak at meetings, vote on procedural and security resolutions, sponsor resolutions and create resolutions.

Nation Date of Admission Representative
Agrikesh 2 January 2013 Matt Burklanddsen
Elfthfria 8 December 2012 Emperor Pete
Dradelia 6 December 2012 Rilgar Ompastre
Great Porea 9 February 2013 Luke Fawcett

Members who left or were removed

  • Republic of La Villa

The Republic of La Villa joined into World Union on October 18, 2012. It was replaced by the Republic of Stars following its annexation by Stars. In 2013, during a separatist conflict between La Villa separatists and Stars, it applied for membership but its membership application was vetoed by Stars.

  • Arkto Imperio

Arkto Imperio was a member state of the World Union since its formation and held the consul position in 2012. Arkto Imperio later became a part of Mangdublah, who replaced its seat in World Union.

Plaktukai left the union following disagreements between it and prominent member states. Plaktukai accused it of trying to "take over the world".

Akharnes was temporarily in the union in 2013. It left some time later because of its population's unpopular opinion of membership. The Akharnian government referred to the union as a "mess" and "immature".

Removed because of the lack of activity in the World Union.

  • Lolland

Lolland was removed after it was accused of not being serious and being a joke.

  • Stretch

Stretch was removed after it was accused of not being serious and being a joke.

Removed because of the lack of activity in the World Union.

  • Mynem and Albina

Left the union following their dissolution.

Principal Organs of World Union

General Assembly

Logo of the General Assembly.

The General Assembly was the main assembly of the World Union. Composed of all World Union member states, the assembly met in regular monthly sessions. Over a two-week period at the start of each session, all members had the opportunity to address the assembly. Traditionally, the Consul made the first statement, followed by the president. Observer members had a choice to be a part of the sessions or not. The main use of the General Assembly was voting on the admission of candidate members.

Peace Group

Logo of the MPG.

The Micronational Peace Group (abbreviated as the MPG) was an intermicronational organization that was part of the World Union. It had a total of six member states. It's responsibilities were solving conflicts inside the union, protecting member states and promoting peace. Members of the MPG were not required to be World Union members. The MPG only had one actual deployment, in Nyclos to defend it from Finnish invasion, however it was also involved in the Mouzilo civil conflict.

Full members
Nation Status WU member
Mouzilo Founder
Templar Kingdom
Observer members
Hasanistan Founder
Mission Region(s) Peacekeepers
Stream peacekeeping mission Stream 1


Since its creation, there has been controversy and criticism of the World Union. In the micronational community, an early 2013, It was disputed mainly on Wikia by some users, and Plaktukai government even announced when they left WU that the full Union was only way for the founder to get all the control over the Earth. Which was an Huge misunderstanding, mainly caused of the seats Niclogian President and the Prime Minister of WU gave to some Autonomous areas inside Niclogia, which were not controlled by him.

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