Kingdom of Aden

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Kingdom of Aden

Aden Krallığı
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Aden National Anthem
Capital city Aden Town
Official language(s) Turkish
Official religion(s) Islam
Government Absolute monarchy
Established 04.03.2013
National dish Haricot bean, pilaw.
National drink Buttermilk
National animal Budgerigar, horse.

Government Website

The Kingdom of Aden is a Turkish micronation which was founded on the 4th of March 2013 by King Kutay.


Aden is an old and religious name. The name, Aden, is located in the Koran, (this is Eden) in Bible and the Torah. Aden/Eden, means garden of delight. Adam and Eve lived here before eating the forbidden fruit according to Islam, Christianity and Judaism. Aden, is also an island owned by Yemen however it should not be confused with the Kingdom of Aden.


Aden is at the moment, governed by an absolute monarchy. King Kutay, is founder and current absolute ruler of the country. The Constitution is being prepared. When the Constitution is completed, the nation will be declared constitutional monarchy.