Huro-Atlantic Republic

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Huro-Atlantic Republic
Raptøḥàrb Ølzogtap

June 16th 2013 — July 14th 2016

Huro-Atlantic National Flag
Coat of Arms

Bïs watkes gataktä es jøsk zabte'wü
La'wàrpăjezag Grabü
Capital cityDezabet (Administrative)
Gesyrab (Executive)
Largest cityÈrklrab Patev
Official language(s)Rakwiktrab
Official religion(s)All
DemonymHuro-Atlantic (Raptøḥàrb)
Huro-Atlantics (Raptøḥàrbek)
Governmentde facto Quasi-Dictatorship
de jure Presidential Liberal Democratic Republic
- LøktübäBin Stü'òrd
LegislatureNational Assembly of Huro-Atlantica
EstablishedJune 16th 2013
DisestablishedJuly 14th 2016
Area claimedClaimed: 2091.58 sq mi (5417.17 km2)
Controlled: TBD sq mi (TBD km2) [estimated at approximately 1sq mi]
CurrencyKadwïg ₢
Soto ∂ (Used only in International Trade)
US Dollar $ (de facto)

The Huro-Atlantic Republic, Commonly shortened as Huro-Atlantica (Rakwiktrab:Raptøḥàrb Ølzogtap), is a republic on the Florida Peninsula. It lies in the Tampa Bay Area, and consists of the U.S. Counties of Pinellas and Hillsborough. Huro-Atlantica also includes territory in the Southern Peninsula of Michigan.

It has a claimed total population is 2,233,422 and a claimed land area of 2091.58 sq mi (5417.17 km2). Of this, there are just 6 registered citizens and an estimated controlled land area of approximately 1 sq mi. The Huro-Atlantic government is designed as a Presidential Republic, but is currently a Quasi-Dictatorship due to the fact that President Bin Stü'òrd has made most of the major decisions in the nation so far. On July 14, 2016, it will be disestablished and re-established as Rikuchar. As of May 21, 2015, its government has been removed and all memberships revoked.


The National Assembly

National Assembly of Huro-Atlantica
NFOR LesserCoat.png
TypeUnicameral legislature
Head of the National AssemblyBin Stü'òrd (Acting), Huro-Atlantic Libertarian Party
Political groups     Huro-Atlantic Democratic Party(2)

     Huro-Atlantic Republican Party(1)
     Huro-Atlantic Libertarian Party(4)
     Huro-Atlantic Conservative Party

Meeting place
National Assembly Complex,Dezabet, KU

The National Assembly of Huro-Atlantica is a Part of the Huro-Atlantic Government. It controls Matters such as Foreign Relations, Trade, and Internal Affairs. There are 7 members of the National Assembly, although it is designed to have 27 members in total.


Summit Venture Remembrance Day is a Public holiday that occurs every year on May 9 in Huro-Atlantica. It was established on August 1, 2012 as a holiday in the Republic of Hillsborough. After that nation became defunct at the end of 2012, the holiday was scrapped. On June 6, 2014, however, it was re-established as a holiday in Huro-Atlantica. It is currently Huro-Atlantica's only celebrated holiday. The Purpose of the Holiday is to remember the day that the MV Summit Venture, a Carrier Ship, collided with the Sunshine Skyway, a major bridge that crosses the mouth of Èrklàr Òrv.


The Official Language of Huro-Atlantica is Rakwiktrab (formally Regrabetapek Rakwiktrab), the last surviving dialect of the Asermian Language Family. The Rakwiktrab Alphabet is the most complex aspect of the language, consisting of 30 Letters and 18 variant characters. The alphabet was derived from a cursive version of the 26 character Immajer Simlish Alphabet. The method of translating from English into Rakwiktrab is a closely guarded secret.


The Huro-Atlantic Calendar is a 5-month Seasonal calendar. The Months are an average of 73 Days long and span the following dates on the Gregorian Calendar:

Name Start End
Jøzä January 1 March 17
Õgskesk March 18 May 26
Kadtab May 27 August 7
Kadwü August 8 October 19
Kebsan October 20 December 31


Huro-Atlantic Television

Huro-Atlantic Television Network

Type: Government Run Online Television Network
Owner: Government of Huro-Atlantica
Date Founded: November 30, 2013
Stream: [1]

The Huro-Atlantic Television Network (also known as HATN or HATV) is an online television network the serves the people of Huro-Atlantica. It was founded on November 30, 2013. Currently, it is the only state television network in Huro-Atlantica. It is headquartered in Dezabet. There are future plans to broadcast the station as a locally broadcasted news network, but as of yet, there is a lack of the tools necessary to do so. As of now, HATV is inactive.

Administrative Divisions

Huro-Atlantica Full Map.jpg

Foreign Relations

Any Quotes or Laws on this page are not to have their spelling or grammar corrected in any way, as it compromises the Validity of said Quote or Law. Huro-Atlantica has strict policies when regarding the establishment of Foreign Affairs, as well as distinct definitions of what each type of Foreign Relation is. These definitions are stated below:

Informal Relations

Informal Relations are Relations that are not accompanied by any treaty, ordinance, decree, or other document. These relations also apply to new nations or nations previously un-affiliated in any way with Huro-Atlantica. Terms used that are included in this Category include "Dialog", "Alliance (Unless otherwise stated)", and "Mutual Recognition".

Formal Alliances

Formal Alliances are Relations that are not accompanied by any document, but the nation involved has harbored a strong and healthy Relation with Huro-Atlantica over a sufficiently long period of time (known as the concept of Automatic Formal Relations). In a Confederation (such as the De Soto Confederation), all other Constituent nations will be automatically considered Formal Allies with Huro-Atlantica.

Diplomatic Alliances

Diplomatic Alliances are Relations that are accompanied by a Document that proves the alliance. The Document must be Read and Signed by both the President of Huro-Atlantica and the Leader of the Other Nation.

Barred Relations

Certain nations can be Barred from Any sort of Foreign Relations with Huro-Atlantica if they enforce any laws that Disagree with the Views of the Huro-Atlantic Government, or are run by Theocratic, Fascist, Military, or Marxist-Leninist Governments. Specific Reasons for Barring a Nation are listed in the Barred from Relations section towards the bottom of this page.

List of Nations by Status

Nations with their names crossed out are defunct and no longer exist. However, these nations remain allies, as they never actually requested the termination of said alliance. If a leader on this list is dis-establishing their nation, they should inform the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Huro-Atlantica, or in modern times, the President. All alliances and memberships are null as of May 21, 2015.

Diplomatic Alliances
Tudovia.png People's Republic of Tudovia (by Decree of the Tudovian Huro-Atlantic Treaty)
Formal Alliances
Cockatiel Empire Flag (Alternate).png Cockatiel Empire (by Automatic Formal Relations & Membership in the De Soto Confederation)
Chitoseanflag150px.png Principality of Chitose (by membership in the De Soto Confederation)
The official flag of Mangdublah.jpg Mangdublah (by Automatic Formal Relations & membership in the De Soto Confederation)
AmaranthineFlag.png Kingdom of the Amaranthian Isles (by membership in the De Soto Confederation)
Informal Relations
Hasanistan.gif Republic of Hasanistan
MouziloFlag.png Mouzilo Empire
Narentiaflag.png Narentian Federation
200px-USA Flag Pre-War.png Empire of Los Angeles
Flag of Andorra(1934).svg.png Federal Kingdom of South-Eastern Carpathians (Now Neue Kronstadt)
AirKingdomFlag.jpg Air Kingdom
Misery Island Flag.png Free Principality of Greater and Lesser Misery Island
CACG Flag.jpg The Chosen Apple Children of God
BodoniaFlag.png New Republic of Bodonia
Qin Republic flag.png Qin Republic
Flag of the Principality of Lyonesse.png Principality of Lyonesse
RasnatiumFlag.png Rasnatium
SaboviaFlag.png Principality of Sabovia
Whitehalljack.png Sovereign Kingdom of Whitehall
Vetriaflagdesign1.png Vetria
ColumbianAmericaFlag.png Nation of Columbian America
HarenfallFlag.png Kingdom of Harenfall
TopherianFlag.jpeg Topherian Empire
MaitlandFlag.png Independent State of Maitland
FosterIslandFlag.png Foster Island Republic
AlpineStatesFlag.png Alpine States
DevilleFlag.png Republic of Deville
Pending Relations
LeylandiistanFlag.jpg Democratic Republic of Leylandiistan (Pending Diplomatic Alliance since November 30th 2013)(Proposals for Informal Relations are under review.)
Flag Of The Viadalvian Republic.png Republic of Viadalvia (Pending Informal Relations since October 8th 2014)

Former Member Organizations