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City of Dezabet
Patev seĵ Dezabet
—  Capital City of Huro-Atlantica  —
Country Huro-Atlantica
District Katek
Established November 26, 2009
Founder Bin Stü'òrd
 - Mayor Bin Stü'òrd, (L)
Time zone Eastern Standard Time (UTC-5)
LB 001-0
GPR 100.001.xxxx

The City of Dezabet (formerly named Huntington), is the Capital City of Huro-Atlantica, and the District of Katek. Dezabet occupies the Entirety of the District of Katek. It has a population of around 300 (4 registered) and an area of an estimated 0.03 square kilometers. Although Dezabet is due to be reincorporated as the slightly smaller city of Dizbe on July 14, 2015, it is still the established capital of the Huro-Atlantic Republic, which is itself soon to become the much smaller nation of Rikuchar.


Dezabet was founded on November 28, 2009 as the City of Abodum. At the time, it was the capital city of the now defunct Empire of Simlia. Abodum held it's position until sometime in early 2010, when the Empire of Simlia fell into a State of Inactivity. Abodum was incorporated into the City of Worth's Harbour, the first Asermian capital, sometime in late 2010. The next time Dezabet was a separate commune was after the foundation of the NFOR, as the Capital of the Nation and Seat of the Bermanian FACR. Huntington, as it was then called, was declared the official capital sometime in October 2013, and was renamed Dezabet on December 20, 2013.


The City of Dezabet is subdivided into 4 communes and 1 neighborhood; Dasit, Krïkedreg, Üsi'rus, Lagrepă, and the Neighborhood of Ke'wèra. The communes are Further separated into separate departments. Üsi'rus is divided into Kepset, Nüja, Nes, and Äèr, Ness being the Department that contains the Governmental Buildings and the Presidential Estate. Dasit is divided into Wa'resab, Sä, Kèrtab, and Natbü-Kesbÿ. Krikedregg is divided into Ya'rĕ, Yasefwïbsï, and Drekal. Lagrepă is divided into Pezïye and Ü'wïtefă. The lone Neighborhood in Dezabet, Ke'wèra, contains no Departments, hence it's status as a Neighborhood.

Geography and Climate

Dezabet lies on a flat plateau and on the shores of an artificial lake (Called Grehŏ Dezabet). Dezabet experiences regular thunderstorms in the summer and has warm winters. It has not snowed in Dezabet since the 1980's.

Sister Cities

Dezabet is on the list of Micronational Sister Cities, and has 2 Sister Cities:

  • Cockatielville,Cockatiel Empire
  • Georgetown, Saint George and Victoria