Northern Federation of Occidental Republics

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Northern Federation of Occidental Republics
Bĩḩib Jünüï'retab aĵ Ä'litnübetèr Ølzòrtik

December 30th 2012 — January 8th 2013

National Flag
NFOR GreaterCoat.png
Greater Coat of Arms
NFOR LesserCoat.png
Lesser Coat of Arms

Capital cityClearwater
Largest cityDetroit
Official language(s)English
GovernmentPresidential Republic
- President of HillsboroughIvan Abernathy
LegislatureNational Assembly of Huro-Atlantica
EstablishedDecember 30th 2012
DisestablishedJanuary 8th 2013
Area claimedClaimed: 761828 sq mi (1224.710784 km2)

The Northern Federation of Occidental Republics, commonly shortened as NFOR (Middle Asermian: Bĩḩib Jünüï'retab aĵ Ä'litnübetèr Ølzòrtik), was a Federation of 2 micronations within the states of Alaska, Florida, and Michigan, in the Macronation of the United States. Its total population was 12,760,577 and it had a land area of 761,858 square miles. The successor state to the NFOR is Huro-Atlantica.

AsermiaFlag.pngRepublic of Asermia

Main Article: Union of Asermia (Historic)
The Republic of Asermia (Shortened Asermia) was a Medium sized nation in Alaska and Michigan. The country had 3 states, and a capital district in Safety Harbor, FL. The main language was Asermian (Rakuietrab). The Republic accounted for 99.75 percent of the NFOR's Land and 83 percent of its population.

Flag of St. Petersburg, Florida.gifRepublic of Hillsborough

Main Article: Republic of Hillsborough (Historic)
The Republic of Hillsborough was the smallest of the Two Constituents, but was the most densely populated. As of 2012, The Republic of Hillsborough had 2,145,768 people.

Foreign Relations

  • MouziloFlag.png Mouzilo Empire - January 2, 2013 (Defunct)
  • Hasanistan.gif Republic of Hasanistan - January 2, 2013
  • The official flag of Mangdublah.jpg Mangdublah - January 2, 2013