Union of Asermia

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Union of Asermia
Aimresan: Oinun o Aimresa
Segü Rakwiktrab: Zabtab aĵ Rakwietàr

14 July 2010 — 28 August 2012


Illic est haud Terminus ut Licentia Iunctus
Yasü Bretsab
Capital citySafety Harbor (Executive)

Adrian (Administrative)
Trinity (Legislative)(2010-2011)
Gainesville (Legislative)(2011-2012)

Clearwater (Legislative)(2012)
Largest cityLondon
Official language(s)English
Aciremian (2010-2012)
Segü Rakwiktrab (2012)
GovernmentParliamentary Republic
- Prime MinisterBin Stü’òrd
LegislatureAsermian Parliament
CurrencyGrande [ASG] (2010-2012)
Yèrb [RKY] (2012-2013)
National animalOriolus Auratus
Patron saintSt. Francis de Sales

The Union of Asermia (Shortened Asermia) was a large nation spanning the entire world, mainly in North America. The Country had 87 States, with Capitals in Safety Harbor, Clearwater, and Adrian. The Nation took up an estimated 17% of Earth's total land area. The main Languages were Aciremian (Aimresan) and later Segü Rakwiktrab (Rakwietrab).


The Union of Asermia was founded on 14 July 2010 as the United Kingdom of Lost States. When Founded, The Nation Had Three Capitals and 20 States.


The Asermian Calendar was Invented on January 1, 2012.

It was the "Sister" Calendar of the defunct Simlish Calendar, and was the official Calendar of 77 states. 22 other states used the Jarturian Calendar, which was adopted due to Asermia's alliance with The United Districts of Treznabed. The remainder of the states in the nation continued to use the Gregorian Calendar.

The Asermian Calendar consisted of Four Months: Raunayi, Nuyi, Luyi and Ebmecedar. In Non Leap Years, 3 Months had 100 Days, and Nuyi Had 65. In Leap Years, an Extra Day was added between the 65th and 66th days of Luyi (February 28 & March 1). This extra day was called Pecnit (abbr. Pct).

Year 0 was 2010 in the Gregorian Calendar, and the year began on July 14.

Electoral System

The Asermian Electoral System was called "The Accumulative System". It worked like this: Each County of each state had a certain number of people, who went to poll stations to vote. After everybody in the county had voted, each poll station counted up the total number of votes and sent that number to the county seat where the total votes for the entire county would be calculated. At this stage, the poll stations turned into "Counting Offices". When the calculations were final and checked a few times for error, the county sent these numbers to the state capital. The same thing that happened in the county happened in the State counting office, just on a larger scale. The state then sent these numbers to their District. Now you may be thinking it should have been district and then state. But there were not multiple districts in a state, there were multiple states in a district. There were five districts, each one containing many states. The District counting offices were in the most populous cities of said districts (Except for district 1). Once the district counting offices were done calculating the numbers; they sent those numbers to the national capital, where whichever candidate received the popular vote, won (unless a case arose such as the case in 2001 with The US presidential election). But it was not even THIS simple. Each Office of each state and district directly received numbers from poll stations and the counties they resided in. The District offices also Received from the Rest of The District they resided in. so they had to add their county and state votes to the other counties and states to find those totals, instead of receiving those numbers pre-calculated.

Foreign Relations

Asermia had Foreign Relations with 5 Nations.

Galacian flagthingy.png Royal Kingdom of Galacia - Alliance December 5, 2011
Democracy of Grum - Alliance December 9, 2011
Great Kingdom of Domus - Alliance December 12, 2011
UnitedDistrictsofTreznabedFlag.pngThe United Districts of Treznabed - Alliance December 12, 2011
Republic of Oelania - Alliance May 1, 2012