United Districts of Treznabed

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United Districts of Treznabed (Disbanded)

"Out of one came many"
The United Districts of Treznabed smaller.png
Capital cityQuoizahoo of the Ilisin District,
Zarooh of the Soard District,
Xeroon of the Moni District,
Woockahb of the Oart District
Largest cityYTB
Official language(s)English, Poivai
Short nameTreznabed
DemonymTreznabedyv (In Poivai)
GovernmentDemocratic Republic
- Presidents (5)Andrew Brown, TBD, TBD, TBD, TBD
- Chancellor (1)Craig Young
LegislatureGrand Council
- Type - Pentecameral
EstablishedOctober 19, 2011 1:00 A.M. (EST)
Area claimedUnknown
Time zoneEastern Africa Time(EAT)
National drinkDr. Pepper
National animalCryolophosauromimus Microgallus (Frozen Crest Lizard mimic, tiny fowl)

Website Online Forums

The United Districts of Treznabed was a micronation based in the US state of North Carolina, which had its main aim the attainment of nationhood and claims some land in the failed state of Somalia. The government also plans to utilise advancements in science, and have plans for new technologies, operating systems and robotics, as well as a proposed space program.


Border fixation crisis

Since it is highly unlikely that Somalia will take to kindly to the fact that they just lost some of their land, the government have decided to set up six Monarchies as buffer states. These states will be set up to where the north-western states will be, being absolute monarchies (the Kingdom of Pru, the Kingdom of Dalas, and the Kingdom of Tolin). The central states will be parliamentary monarchies (the Kingdom of Nu and the Kingdom of Retre) and the the south-eastern state will be a semi-permanent elected monarchy (Kingdom of Greth).

These states are all to be bound by the Atlantian Alliance Treaty Organization of Treznabed(AATOT). After the formation of this powerful alliance and the stabilization of the economies of each, the nations will all gather their resources to build the city of Atlantis off the coast of Treznabed's Oart District. Atlantis will not be under the government of any nation, and it will stand alone as its own state.


Treznabed consist of of one nation, two kingdoms, four districts and 28 states evenly distributed throughout the districts, with two counties per state. There are four capital states in Treznabed with each containing one capital city.

The terrain mainly consists of mountain ranges and cliffs, although he tallest mountains of Treznabed generally do not surpass a height of 4,000 feet. The government is currently trying to determine which is the highest mountain is in the region. So far, the tallest mountain discovered in the region is a yet to be named mountain which is 4740 ft tall. It is located in the state of Riglich.



The Legislature comprises of of five bodies, the Senatorial Council, the Council of Representatives, the Council of Directors, the Council of Detrimy and the Council of Commons, which are collectively known as the Grand Council. Each council has specific roles, but these roles increase in difficulty and importance with each house, with Commons' roles having the lowest difficulty and Senetorial having the highest.


This branch does not yet exist, but is proposed to comprised of three bodies. The Supreme Court, the highest court of the land, will operate at a national level, the District Courts, the intermediate court of the land, will operate on a District level, and the Local Court, the lowest court, will operate on a county level.


This branch is composed of a chancellor, three kings, and five presidents.

The chancellor is elected by the entire nation, kings rule over kingdoms and presidents govern districts and an odd number of each role is required for an unspecified reason. To keep an odd number of people in each role, there is an extra position in each category that is also elected by the entire nation.

Foreign relations

The United Districts of Treznabed are very wary of new alliances, which explains the small number of them made with other micronations.

Civilly Co-Operative States


The military will consist of three branches: the Army, the Navy, and the Air Force.



The Jarturian Calendar

Treznabed uses an alternative calendar, developed by the government, called the Jarturian Calender. In this calendar there are eight months in a regular year. In each month there are five weeks with nine days in each week. In total, there are 360 days a year.

Every ninth year the calendar adds an extra month, like a February the 29th in the conventional Gregorian calendar. Every 160th year the calendar adds an extra month, with each of these months having 45 days.

The month names are Jarturin, Fenguary, Argul, Marsut(ninth year month), Malix, Jurgune, Jappie, Oxunill, Sebtum(160th year month) and Decarax

The day names are Suruyday, Mijenday, Tuyinday, Wexcinday, Thivday, Returday, Freigday, Suxinday, Uholisday.

To encourage the adoption of this calendar, the government of Treznabed is currently in the process of creating an award for those who change their nation's national calendar to the Jarturian Calendar.

Poivai language

The government has since been engaged in the process of creating a new language, but English remains the main language spoken. The new language has 25 characters, a grammar structure and enough words to carry out a short conversation. The Government has announced that the language has a database large enough for decent conversation to take place. However they did also state that a language is never complete.


Trenznabedyv Style, (Rendered with Indigo Renderer)

Treznabed has a very distinctive form of architecture, based heavily on a futuristic style and turned it into the Treznabedyv Style. This style is based around a central round column, with a dome or saucer shaped structure at the top, shaped a tire on the inside. At the base can be any sort of building, but it must have the column somewhere in the design for it to be considered part of the Treznabed style.


Space programme

The Treznabed National Space Agency (TNSA) will be the main base of operations in space coordination in the future for Treznabed. The agency is broken down into kingdoms and districts and are named accordingly.

TNSA emblem.

The plans as of right now for TNSA are as follows

  • Develop a successful rocket system
  • Send satellites and the TNSS(Treznabed National Space Station), into orbit
  • Send a rover to the Moon
  • Send a manned mission to the Moon
  • Send a rover to Mars
  • Send satellites to orbit planets in the solar system
  • Send colony base supplies into orbit around Earth
  • Send manned mission to collect base supplies and travel to the Moon to set up permanent base
  • Set up a launching station on the moon
  • Launch a rocket from the Moon to set up a colony on Phobos (Mars' Moon)
  • Use rocket launch pad systems between the Moon and Phobos to set up a permanent colony on Mars.
  • Terraform Mars
  • Explore the moons of the Gas giants
  • Set up colonies on each moon


  • Treznabed officially sponsors, and requires the use of hydrogen fuel, or electricity, in all forms of transportation other than in the propulsion systems of aircraft and watercraft.
  • Treznabed is currently designing a public/personal rail system enabling each citizen to tap into with their own vehicle. This will ease congestion and be fully operated by sophisticated traffic computers. Predictions have stated a 99% decrease in accidental impacts.


The user of Eco-Domes will be the Governments ability to test how newly created organisms will interact with all other retro-genetically engineered organisms.

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