Royal Kingdom of Galacia

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The Royal Kingdom of Galacia

Coat of arms
Motto: Perpetuo Ultra (forever more)
Anthem: Deșteaptă-te, române!
File:Within the United States
and largest city
Fort Bailey
Official languagesEnglish, ASL, Spanish, and Encryption
GovernmentConstitutional Monarchy
• King
His Majesty King Anonymous
LegislatureRoyal Parliament
EstablishmentSeptember 29, 2011
• Census
3 citizens, 4 honorary citizens
CurrencyUS dollar/Galacian dollar

The Royal Kingdom of Galacia was a micronation based in the United States. It was founded by His Majesty King Anonymous in 2011.


The Beginning

Anonymous I was first introduced to the world of micronationalism when on a vacation with the Royal Family. He was browsing Wikipedia, searching for a list of all the sovereign entities in the world, when he came across a link to "Micronation". Anonymous I read about micronations, and continued to read an article on Sealand. The spark of micronationalism for Anonymous I had begun.

During a long car ride in that same vacation, Anonymous I used a pad of paper, pencils, markers and crayons to develop many different flags. He was far away from anything more professional, and hardly considered actually going into micronationalism, let alone founding The Royal Kingdom of Galacia. Anonymous I didn't know at the time of either the two micronational wikis, nor of the community. Anonymous I also didn't realize that one of the flags on that pad of paper would be the precursor to the present-day flag of Galacia.

One of the pages of flags. Both pages shown are now safely stored within Fort Bailey. Bottom left is the precursor to the present-day flag
The second page of flags, along with an unfinished flag

Dark Ages

After the vacation, the idea of micronationalism fell into obscurity. The annual school had begun, and the life of the King was busy.

However, he eventually found the papers in which he had drawn the proposed flags, renewing his interest in micronations.

In Autumn of 2011, Anonymous I began watching YouTube videos of Molossia and Vikesland, and other nations like Domanglia and Spiroria.

Finally, on the night of Thursday September 29, 2011, Anonymous I created the name "Galacia", after various attempts at other names on a whiteboard. He proclaimed himself King of The Royal Kingdom of Galacia. That same night, he chose a flag that he had created on the pad of paper. This flag was what would become the current flag of Galacia. The flag was simply turned upside down. Using duct tape, Anonymous I created the first-ever flag of Galacia, at three inches long. It took Anonymous I a while to create the perfect flag; he even put silver and gold stars on the flag as well but they were later taken off.

Before retiring for his first night as King, Anonymous I consulted his newly made flag. He decided that the flag looked a little off balance with the red stripe on the top, and turned it around. That would be the way the national flag would be to this day. (However, five silver stars were still on the green stripe, but were later removed several days later.)

The original three-inch duct tape flag, now securely held within a protective box in Fort Bailey

The Royal Kingdom of Galacia was born.

Two days later, newly appointed King of Galacia, Anonymous I, used a heraldry book and several spare hours to design a coat of arms for Galacia. This, too, stands to this day. He also created two larger duct tape flags, and hung them on the wall of the Governmental Desk, along with a cardboard-backed coat of arms. The original three-inch flag and the papers of the flags and coat of arms are stored safely in the drawers of the Governmental Desk, protected by heavy duty clear page protectors. These are open to the public eye on occasion.

On the Way to Greatness

Soon afterwards, Galacia began growing rapidly. The Galacian Newsletter was launched, and issue four is currently in the works. GASAP, the Galacian Astronomy, Space, and Aerodynamics Program was created (which later became the Science and Technology Department), as well as the Galacian Armed Forces, also known as GAF.

On 1 January, 2012, the national flag was changed by making the middle green stripe darker than the previous turquoise-like shade.


For the next several months, Anonymous I and Galacia fell into the realm of inactive micronations, due to personal issues and an extremely busy schedule.


Galacia currently holds onto a small amount of land, approximately 5,000+ square feet. Fort Bailey is currently the entirety of Galacia, with future expansion intended. The future land will be divided into five Provinces according to their cardinal direction, with Capital Province containing Fort Bailey.

It is currently being debated whether or not a small rock island in the shallows of the Pacific Ocean will be added as territory.


There are currently a grand total of three citizens of Galacia, according to the national census. They are the King and his two Royal dogs, Empress and Holly. Citizenship is also available upon the completion of an immigration form supplied by the king. Galacia also offers honorary citizenship to foreigners.

Diplomatic Relations


The Royal Kingdom of Galacia is a Constitutional Monarchy. The Monarch holds supreme power over the realm of Galacia. However, citizens can attempt to bring a law or amendment to the attention of the Monarch. If the people have a majority, then the Monarch must obey the will of the people and pass the law. This is restricted by certain permanent amendments in the Constitution, such as replacing the Monarch with a different government.

A government-instituted advertisement for immigration into Galacia. See Citizenship.

Science and Technology

Galacia has a single department of science and such, known as The Science and Technology Department of Galacia. Before this was established, scientific programs, such as GASAP existed, but they were merged within the STDG.

Medical and Health

Galacia has a very high-profile medical network, which includes numerous health awareness programs and systems. Exercise is an important part in Galacian culture (see the section on Sports)

The King himself sponsors the Tourette's Foundation of Galacia (TFOG) to spread awareness and knowledge about Tourette's Syndrome, in which the King has. A dedicated page will be created ASAP to recognize this important foundation.


In times of distress, Galacia will call upon the Royal Galacian Armed Forces to protect the boundaries of herself and others who have allied themselves with Galacia. The Armed Forces are currently made out of three branches.

The Royal Galacian Army

Galacian Army.png Galacia maintains a small ground army to provide to the common defense of Galacia. The approximate amount of troops in this branch is at three, with King Anonymous as head and the only human soldier officially enlisted. The two Royal Dogs make up the rest of the troops, acting as guard/attack dogs.

Codename: Purple Falcon

The Royal Galacian Navy

Galacian Navy.pngThe Navy is currently under extensive structural completion, so it is temporarily out of service. It is planned that war-rafts will be built alongside torpedoes. Galacia has just added to the Navy's armada two kayaks.

Codename: Green Falcon

The Royal Galacian Air Force

Galacian Airforce.pngThe Airforce is also under construction, but it is in the process of creating a fleet of paper-aeroplanes, with the potential of building a remote-controlled fighter. These plans are encouraging, as they mark a beginning to unmanned aerial combat technology in micronations.

There is currently a small division of anti-aircraft missiles at the ready.

Codename: Red Falcon

The organization of the Armed Forces are under construction and are not fully complete. The Supreme Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces is His Majesty, King Anonymous.


Galacia is a modern-day representation of medieval Europe, save feudalism and the oppression of the social classes. Medieval culture and doings play a large part in Galacia, however, the Kingdom still keeps modern-day technology and other things present.

Sports are a big part of Galacian culture, especially cross country running.


Galacia's cuisine is made up of various, international foods. However, almost all the food is all-natural and organic, as the health of Galacia's citizens is a big concern.

A common meal found during supper is Noodles and Sausages, smothered in spaghetti sauce.

Most of the cuisine includes a portion of Galacian-grown fruits, vegetables, and spices, always organic. Occasionally, these home-grown farm food is exported to nearby friends and neighbours at little to no cost, contributing to a small factor in the economics of Galacia


The most prominent of all athletics within Galacia is Cross Country (XC) Running. 80% of all citizens run regularly, and the minority uses stationary bikes.

Galacia had intentions of creating two sporting associations, the Galacian Martial Arts Association (GMAA) and the Galacian Darts Association (GDA), however, these plans are no longer of importance and are basically trashed.

In the near future, a new, national sport may be created out of scratch.


Galacia has a secular government but allows freedom of faith. The King, however, is an atheist.


One of the largest parts of Galacian national pride comes from its flag. With three equal stripes of purple, green, and red, nothing spells patriotism more than the soaring colours of Galacia.


The Galacian Newsletter.png

Galacia has a single news source, named The Galacian Newsletter. It addresses the important matters happening in Galacia, such as the Astronomy Observation cancelled and plans to expand territory.


Galacia is far too small to be able to support any large-scale industries, so it resorts to manual work and labour in a foreign land for income. Galacia is paid from either the Royal Family, who are only Honorary Citizens and still live in a foreign nation and thus count as foreigners or neighbouring individuals of Galacia. The approximate income during the spring/summer months is divided into fractions by the labour:

  • Lawn Mowing: +30% and soon to be rising
  • Digitalizing old vinyl records: 40% more or less depending on circumstances
  • Pet care of neighbouring individuals: 10%
  • Plant care of neighbouring individuals: 20%

Each type of income fluctuates depending on the season and demand. For example, lawn mowing is virtually at a stand still during the winter months. The most income occurs during the Spring/Summer months.


Galacia has a currency by the name of the Galacian Dollar. The dollar values are as follows-1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, 80, and 100. This money is simply a prototype; more sophisticated, the different currency will be produced in the future. Coins may also be issued. At the current moment, the United States Dollar is the main currency used.

One GD.png Two GD.png 5 GD.png 10 GD.png 20 GD.png 50 GD.png 80 GD.png 100 GD.png

Flora and Fauna

The Royal Kingdom of Galacia is home to a wide variety of creatures, from the common brown squirrel and rabbit to the occasional deer and owl.


The common sparrow and robin are the most observed birds within Galacia, and the bluejay on occasion will perch on the fences surrounding Galacia.

Some of the most widespread raptors are the golden eagle, red-tailed hawks, and the northern harrier. Bald Eagles have only been spotted a couple of times.

Various owls, including the Great Horned Owl and Barn Owl, have been confirmed to be in residence either within Galacia or in the outskirts of it.

Probably the most important and widely recognized avian in Galacia is "falco peregrinus anatum"-the North American Peregrine Falcon, and the national bird of Galacia. Also known as the "Duck Hawk", these majestic creatures soar in the air, swooping down at velocities that can exceed 200 MPH, making it the fastest animal in the world.

The King made a law that makes pesticides, as will be described further later on, illegal within the nation, and importing of these products is at a low. One of these reasons is that the population of Peregrine Falcons is dropping because of the usage of these pesticides. It causes the amount of calcium in their eggs to drop, thus making the eggs more at a chance of cracking.

Future Plans

The government of Galacia has a list of future plans that will be accomplished once possible. (Please note that some of the following were inspired by the Democracy of Grum's similar list.)

  • Enact an emergency response system for immediate help in times of crisis using firewagons, bicycles, pump-action water sprayers, and CPR equipment.
  • Create an RC plane for the Air Force that acts as a reconnaissance craft
  • Set up a Galacian weather service
  • Launch rockets into the atmosphere to record data and take snapshots of the ground below
  • Form trade routes with outside nations, exporting from Galacia various organic vegetables and herbs
  • Finalize the Galacian website
  • Create an immigration and vacation/travel pamphlets and documents.
  • Develop rockets and the means of propulsion.