Flag of Galacia

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The Galacian Flag is one of the most iconic symbols of Galacian heritage and patriotism. A rectangle with three equal horizontal stripes; purple on the top, green in the middle, and red on the bottom, nothing shows Galacian nationalism more than the flowing colored stripes.


A pre-draft of the flag was created using crayons while on a vacation with the Royal Family in July 2011, even before His Majesty King Anonymous truly knew about micronations. However once he began getting into micronationalism, the King went back to his original drawings of flags. He chose one flag with three horizontal stripes, red on top, green in middle, and purple on the bottom.

One of the pages of flags. Both pages shown are now safely stored within Fort Bailey. Bottom left is the precursor to the present-day flag
The second page of flags, along with an unfinished flag

That night His Majesty created the first flag out of duct tape. He pondered whether or not he should add stars or any other extras, but decided against it. But once the flag was done, the King found that it looked at little lopsided and unbalanced. So he flipped it around, with purple on the top, and kept it that way. The flag of Galacia was born.

Later, on January 2, 2012, the King decided to make the middle green stripe darker, which resulted in the current flag that you see today. This is the official flag of Galacia, however the older flag with the lighter green stripe is still used. As time goes by, the past flag will be eventually a mark of history.

Then, on May 17, 2013, the top stripe was officially made a darker shade of purple. This is the current flag of Galacia.

The original three-inch duct tape flag, now securely held within a protective box in Fort Bailey

The duct-tape flags are made with lime-green duct tape. Darker green duct tape is available, however the King showed his feelings towards the dark green saying that it just looks "bad".

The King recently proposed creating a fabric flag for use in the governmental palace located at Fort Bailey. This will be identical to the other flags but will include golden frills surronding the perimeter of the flag.


Purple: Peace

Green: Loyalty, and the green landscape of Galacia

Red: Readiness to defend Galacia

Gold Frills (only on the fabric, governmental flag): The natural resources and exports that give rise to the economy.

The equal stripes represents equality of races, genders, cultures, etc.