Fort Bailey

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Fort (Ft.) Bailey is the capital of The Royal Kingdom of Galacia, and the current location of the Residential Palace of the Royal Family.


At the present time, Fort Bailey is, in essence, Galacia, as the bounderies surronding Galacia are the same as the bounderies of Ft. Bailey. However this may be changed, as plans to increase territory of Galacia will cause Fort Bailey to be a region within Galacia. The picture above shows the bounderies of Ft. Bailey (also the current bounderies of Galacia). The yellow star is the center of government within Ft. Bailey and therefore Galacia. This is similar to Washington D.C. in the United States; the center of government is in a select number of buildings, however the nation's capital is in a wider expanse of land.

A notice sign outside the Governmental Office door proclaiming the entering into Galacia


Fort Bailey is absent of a flag, and it will probably always stay that way. His Majesty King Anonymous does not think there is any need for a capital flag, especially for the current stand because of the Fort Bailey-Galacia territory. His Majesty also stated that he thinks, "The Galacian flag represents all of this nation. It would only be natural to have the capital to use the same flag flown by all other areas within Galacia."