Tourette's Foundation of Galacia

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The Tourette's Foundation of Galacia (TFOG) is an intermicronational foundation in its beginning stages of development that's mission is to spread the word and knowledge of Tourette's Syndrome (TS) to the outside world and to help extinguish stereotypical assumptions of individuals with TS. TFOG is based in The Royal Kingdom of Galacia and is lead by His Majesty, King Anonymous of Galacia, who also has Tourette's.

The Foundation hopes to become an important non-for-profit organization within the micronational community to spread the word and knowledge of Tourette's Syndrome, answer questions about it, abolish crude assumptions of Tourette's, and most of all act as a confidential support team for others out in the world that are suffering from Tourette's.

If you feel the need to contact the Tourette's Foundation of Galacia, please use the following email address: Your identity, micronational origin, symptoms, etc. will be kept 100% confidential and secure, or you can choose to be an anonymous contact.