Royal Galacian Army

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The Royal Galacian Army (RGA), codename "Purple Falcon" is the branch of the Royal Galacian Armed Forces that protects the borders of Galacia through the defense on the ground. The Supreme Commander-in-Chief of Operations is His Majesty, King Anonymous.


The Army was founded in November, 2011, alongside the Navy and Air Force.
There are no specialized military personal, much due to the size of the Army. Even still, King Anonymous believes in the highest-training for all soldiers so that response for a crisis can be quick and efficient, and all troops will be prepared for any situation.


The size of the Army is small, but it serves its purpose effectively.
One (1) Human Soldier (King Anonymous)
Two (2) Attack Dogs (Royal Dogs, Empress and Holly)
Four (4) Mercenaries (Royal Family)
One (1) Maverick Revolver Pistol
One (1) Raider Semi-Automatic
One (1)Alpha-Trooper Semi-Automatic
One (1)Night-Finder Pistol
One (1) Rapid-Fire Machine Gun
A lot (?) of Ammunitions
One (1) RC Reconnaissance Car
All guns are Nerf, however in the near-future they will probably be replaced by Airsoft and/or BB guns.


The standard equipment for a human Galacian soldier is still in development, however plans are promising. A soldier will be provided with:
Green camouflaged clothes, including pants, shirt, jacket, gloves, and hat
Hiking boots
Running shoes
Utility belt
Pocket knife with necessary tools
Primary gun
Secondary pistol
Hornets with rubber bands for emergency last-resort
Compressable pillow
Baton/Hiking stick
Protective vest
Groin protector'
Pen and paper
Nylon Rope
Flashlight with extra batteries
Food rations
Water bottle
Green backpack
More will probably be added as time passes.
'Both male and female soldiers are required to wear groin protectors.


The personal fitness of soldiers is extremely important to the Galacian Army. Three times a week, the single human citizen-soldier, King Anonymous, trains in Karate, as he has done for the past seven years. Alongside that, weight lifting occurs three times a week as well, and sprint workouts twice a week. The [Royal] Attack Dogs are taken for a mile+ walk almost every day.

Overall health is needed too. Proper amounts of fruits, vegetables, and other nutritional elements are ingested every day, and sugary, fatty, and carby foods are avoided more.