Autocratic Republic of Raministan

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Autocratic Republic of Raministan
Coat of arms
Motto: Mors Ante Lacus
"Death Before Submission"
Anthem: TBA

Location(s) of Raministani Territory
and largest city
Official languagesEnglish, German, French
GovernmentAutocratic Republic/ Dual Benevolent Dictatorship
• Alpha Befehlshaber
[Removed for Privacy Reasons]
• Kanzler
[Removed for Privacy Reasons]
EstablishmentJanuary 18, 2012
• (5 Honorary) census
CurrencyRamini Dollar $ (de jure)
US dollar $ (de facto)
Time zoneUTC-5
Summer: UTC-4

The Autocratic Republic of Raministan is a totalitarian state that is run out of Kershaw County in the US state of South Carolina. It is the only admitted totalitarian micronation in the Carolinian states. The nation claims a some land in South Carolina.


Raministan is a totalitarian state that instills the values of hard work and high intelligence. It is said that this should be achieved by offering citizenship to those who show the values of intelligence and/or a hard work drive. There is no racial or cultural discrimination in these decisions, just a look into the works and feats of those who wish for or are offered citizenship.

Alpha Befehlshaber

The Alpha Befehlshaber (Eng: Alpha Commander) has the job of interacting with foreign nations and governs the foreign policy of Raministan. They decide on the recognition of other nations in the MicroWiki Sector. They also decide on what claims to lay upon macronational land, and when to declare war, which is a very rare occurance. They also must mentor the Kanzler and approve the laws.


The Kanzler is a position of power over the internal affairs of Raministan. They must create laws and write them down in the "National Legal Journal." They must also regulate the laws and head law enforcement. Investigative committees are assembled to assist the Kanzler in his choices during his duties.

Administrative Divisions

The administrative divisions of Raministan are called Districts. These districts are composed of areas surrounding the major cities of the nation. These act as basic units of division for easier regulation.

Below is a list of Districts in Alphabetical Order:

District Capital Location Size Population Date Incorporated Notable Facts
Arktis Alert Northern Nunavut, Canada approx 33,172.3 mi sq 5 (Honorary) 1/23/2011 Territory claimed in the extreme north of the Canadian Arctic
Grosstadt Grosstadt Southern Kershaw Co., SC approx. .005 mi sq 2 (Non-Perm.) 1/19/2011 Mostly depopulated capital
Rotenbären Rotenbären Southern Kershaw Co., SC approx .015 mi sq 2 (1 Permanent) 1/19/2011 Home of the Alpha Befehlshaber
Vergessenen Ecke Vergessenen Stadt Southern Kershaw Co., SC approx .015 mi sq 2 (1 Permanent) 1/19/2011 Home of the Kanzler

Foreign relations

The Raministani Government hopes to have a successful outreach program to other micronations.

Nation Relations Notes Requesting Party Date Requested Date Accepted
Burkland Informal relations Befehlshaber used to only have Burklandi citizenship. Raministan 1/22/2012 1/23/2012 (start of official communications)
Royal Kingdom of Galacia Informal relations Galacia 1/28/2012 1/29/2012

If you wish to become engaged in foreign relations with Raministan, please contact us at this adress.

Law and order


The nation holds a document called the National Legal Journal. Within this document, all laws enacted by the government are to be inscribed. The Book is divided into categories based on the type of law it regards. These laws are upheld with highest regard by both officials and citizens alike.


The citizens have been granted the following rights:

  • Free Speech
  • Allowance to Foreign Communication
  • Food, Shelter and Water
  • Freedom of Thought and Expression
  • Freedom of Travel
  • Freedom from Discrimination Based on Ethnicity, Sexual Orientation, or Religion


The Raministani National Police (RNP) are the law enforcement and peacekeeping force within Raministan. They try to keep the area peaceful without using force unless required to do so. If it is seen that these officers are being overly forceful, it is the job of the citizens to take it upon themselves to instill social justice, or alert the government so that they can deal with the problematic officer.

National Symbols

Like many other autocracies and benevolent dictatorships, Raministan openly embraces red, black, and white as the national colors. These are shown in almost every bit of the nation's symbolism, such as the flag, coat of arms, even the outfits of the two national leaders. These colors are also incorporated into some symbols in each district. Also, wolves and eagles feature frequently in national symbolism, as well as the occasional bear. The Eisernes Kreuz, or Iron Cross, also heavily used.


The nation holds two soldiers. The military is run by the Alpha Befehlshaber. The nation is not belligerent, and in most armed conflicts will reach for airsoft, BB, or dart firing weapons. These are used so as to avoid extremism in conflict between two nations, and also to avoid possible repercussions for those actions. For severely perilous wars, the military is instructed to use AR-15 assault rifles as the main weapon and a 22. Ruger Rifle as the main defensive sniper rifle. A flatbottom fishing boat has been converted for military use, and is called the "Raministan Defense Ship (RDS) Eisenerfaust."


Freisland is basically a poor and destitute country by macronational standards, but is fairly well off by micronational standards. It has a fairly high income rate, and its redistribution and equality of income is actually fairly and truly successful. It is a mostly import economy, but also relies on exports via the internet. There is also plenty of foreign aid coming from private US citizens who care greatly for the nation of Raministan.

Ramini Dollar ($)

The Ramini Dollar is the provisional currency of Raministan. It was designed to mimic the American dollar in use.The Ramini dollar is to be used until either its design and use are perfected, or Raministan finds another currency to use.

Current Exchange Rates:

  • $1.00 RSD=$0.87 USD
  • $1.00 RSD=$0.89 CAD
  • $1.00 RSD=€0.66 EUR
  • $1.00 RSD=£0.56 GBP
  • $1.00 RSD=¥5.53 CNY
  • $1.00 RSD=¥67.78 JPY


Arctic Territory

The Arktis capital city of Alert, near the northern tip of Ellesmere Island.

This district is home to many arctic seabirds and seals. Also, most of the area is full of uninhabited tundra, untouched by human hands. There is almost nothing but gravel, snow, and tundra grass. The weather is very cold, and there is snow cover for 10 months of the year on average, since it doesn't melt easily. The warmest month, July, has an average temperature of 37.9 °F (3.3 °C). The area is also very dry, averaging only 6.06 in (153.8 mm) of precipitation per year. Most of the precipitation occurs during the months of July, August and September, mostly in the form of snow.


Census Taking

The Raministani government takes five censuses every six months. There is one set in January and one in June. The first is just a general census, which acts as a survey of the number of citizens, and what they want improved. The second is an Ethnic census to be sure of the different races of the country, making sure that cultural differences are taken care of before any tension happens. An optional sexuality census takes place to be sure that issues with sexuality are taken care of.


Raministan is 100% European-Raministani, however this was not achieved by "ethnic cleansing," but just by a technicality. There were only two people within the nation upon this census. The minor racial characteristics add up to the nation being mostly German and Greek, with partial Norse, French, Polish and British genes added. This was as of the January 2012 Ethnicity Census


Raministan lays claim to having a 50% homosexual population, and a 50% heterosexual population as of theJanuary 2012 Sexuality Census.


The nation is one half atheist, and the other half of the nation is a mix of Buddhism and Christianity. This was as of the January 2012 Religious census.


The nation's primary language is English, as that is the typical language spoken throughout the land. Other languages spoken semi-regularly are French and German. This was as of the January 2012 Linguistics Census.


Schools are not available within Raministan, as the nation can not support a full education system. As such, all education is foreign, except for self-education. Raministan is one of the few totalitarian states who allow self-education via the internet and international reading programs.



Date English name Notes
January 1 New Year's Day Celebrated with fireworks, naturally.
May 1 May Day/International Workers' Day To commemorate workers worldwide.
May 7 Victory Day To commemorate the valiant effort of the allies to bring down the fascist reich in Nazi Germany.
November 1 Superfluous Conflict Day Day mourning the those who have died in wars that were completely unnecessary (ie Grenada).
December 20-January 3 Winternus Days off in accordance with rest of the world's winter holidays.
December 26 Soviet Remembrance Day The day the Soviet Union officially fell.



The workday of the citizens typically lasts from 7:30 to 16:00 or 17:00 on a regular day. A typical day revolves around work or schooling for a citizen of the nation. Throughout the day, a citizen will regularly fraternize with friends or foreign workers and work diligently on the task at hand.


The typical citizen will stay at home most days, eat a meal and discuss the day with their family. As it gets later, a citizen will go on the internet or telephone to communicate with friends and family, or work on a project or games while doing schoolwork if they are a student, or simply resting from work.


On a weekend,the normal citizen will go out and work on personal projects which need completion, or fraternize with foreign friends in America.


The typical Freise citizen plays either soccer or basketball. There are not enough citizens to start a national league or government association for these sports. Other times, citizens will perform the act of sustenance fishing or hunting for deer, squirrel or rabbit.


The Raministani government and all of its people have access to American television and other outside media. There are some restrictions like the covering some possible nudity and pornographic censorship in the nation. Also, some news that is deemed unworthy of distribution.