Anonymous I of Galacia

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HRM King Anonymous I
Official Coat of Arms
King of The Royal Kingdom of Galacia
Assumed office
29th September
Predecessor Office established
Nationality Galacian
Residence Fort Bailey, Galacia
Religion Non-Denominational Protestant

His Royal Majesty, King Anonymous I is the founder, sole human citizen, and king of the Royal Kingdom of Galacia. He fills the roles of almost all of the positions of government in Galacia as well.

Micronational history

HRM King Anonymous founded Galacia on the 29th of September, in the year 2011. He already had a rising interest in micronations, receiving inspiration from various YouTube videos from Vikesland to Domanglia, micronational sites, and especially what the King feels is the most successful micronation, Sealand.

From the night of the 29th in which His Majesty created the original duct-tape Galacian flag, the King has ruled Galacia and continues to do so.


As founder of the Kingdom of Galacia, the King felt no need to coronate himself as King; however plans for an official coronation are in the making.

Awards and Decorations

Supreme Commander-in-Chief of the Royal Galacian Armed Forces.

-Commander-in-Chief of the Royal Galacian Army

-Commander-in-Chief of the Royal Galacian Navy

-Commander-in-Chief of the Royal Galacian Air Force

Note: More to be added as pictures are taken