Galacian Astronomy, Space, and Aerodynamics Program

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The Galacian Astronomy, Space, and Aerodynamic Program (GASAP) was the program underneath the umbrella of The Science and Technology Department of Galacia that dealt with everything to do with space and flight. It was shut down and merged with the Science and Technology Department, alongside all of the other scientific programs.


GASAP was one of the first programs to be created in Galacia, and on that day an astronomy observation was to be held. However is was cancelled due to bad weather and a failure of the lens to focus correctly.

GASAP was also helping the Air Force out with military technological advancements for aircraft and flight.


  • One (1) Celestron Telescope
  • Celestron TheSky Computer Program
  • Two (2) Rockets
  • One (1) Video Camera (used to film at high elevations)
  • Star Maps, Charts, Books, etc.
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