Huro-Atlantic Republic

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Raptøxarb Ølzogtap
Huro-Atlantic Republic
Motto: Bis watkes gatakté es dźøsk nj zabtewu
There is no limit to freedom and unity
Anthem: Lawarpaudźezag Grabu
Peaceful Land
CapitalDezabet (Administrative)
Gesyrab (Executive)
Largest cityErklrab City
Other languagesRakwiktrab
Demonym(s)Huro-Atlantic (Raptøxarb)
Huro-Atlantics (Raptøxarbec)
GovernmentPresidential Liberal Democratic Republic
• Premier
Net Vrocaw
• President
Javen Wathomir
LegislatureNational Assembly of Huro-Atlantica
• Established
June 6th, 2013
• Disestablished
May 21st, 2015
• Total
5,417.17 km2 (2,091.58 sq mi)
• Census
CurrencyCadwig ₢
Soto ∂ (Used only in International Trade)
US Dollar $ (de facto)
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Huro-Atlantic Federation
Ijivate of Rikuchar

The Huro-Atlantic Republic, (Rakwiktrab: Raptøxarb Ølzogtap, formerly Dezis-Regrabetpar) commonly shortened as Huro-Atlantica, was a nation in the US state of Florida. It claimed land in the Tampa Bay Area and took up the entirety of the U.S. Counties of Pinellas and Hillsborough. Huro-Atlantica also included territory in Michigan.

The official language of Huro-Atlantica was Rakwiktrab.

It had a claimed land area of 2091.58 sq mi (5417.17 km2). The Huro-Atlantic government was designed to be Presidential Republic, but President Net Vrocaw made most of the major decisions by virtue of being one of its few citizens. On May 21st, 2015, Huro-Atlantica ceased to exist.

As of January 6th, 2023, Katie Fishman has considered reviving the nation as a monarchy, though this idea is still in its infancy.


The Federation Era

On December 30th, 2012, Asermia was re-established as a constituent nation in the Northern Federation of Occidental Republics (NFOR), a successor nation to the Republic of Hillsborough. New land in Alaska and Michigan was annexed, and the central states expanded.

Unfortunately, soon afterwards the States of New Canada collapsed, and NFOR retracted its claims down to a modest chunk of land, slightly smaller than the European Nation of Liechtenstein. The Territory was then incorporated into the United Federation of Huro-Atlantic Republics, whose name was later shortened to the Huro-Atlantic Federation.

The Current Era

Following the establishment of Huro-Atlantica on June 16th, 2013, the government experienced a long period of inactivity. In late August, activity resumed with a revision of the Asermian language and a small retraction of claims. On November 18th, 2013, the Democratic Republic of Leylandiistan began to compose a treaty of diplomatic relations with Huro-Atlantica, and the next day the first draft of the Huro-Atlantic Declaration of Independence was written, thus ending yet another period of national inactivity.

On December 2nd, 2013, the Declaration of Independence was finalized and brought to the House of the National Assembly for review. All members signed and agreed that version was final. The signatures are to remain confidential. An official television station was also established.

On May 27th, 2014, Huro-Atlantica and its close ally, the Cockatiel Empire, united to form a union of autonomous nations known as the De Soto Confederation. It was inspired by older unions like the States of New Canada.


The National Assembly

The National Assembly of Huro-Atlantica was a part of the Huro-Atlantic Government. It controlled matters such as Foreign Relations, Trade, and Internal Affairs. There were 7 members of the National Assembly, although it was designed to have 27 in total.


Summit Venture Remembrance Day was a public holiday that occurred every year on May 9th in Huro-Atlantica. It was established on August 1st, 2012, as a holiday in the Republic of Hillsborough. After that nation became defunct at the end of 2012, the holiday was scrapped. On June 6th, 2014, it was re-established as a holiday in Huro-Atlantica. It was Huro-Atlantica's only celebrated holiday.

The purpose of the holiday was to remember the day that the MV Summit Venture, a Carrier Ship, collided with the Sunshine Skyway, a major bridge that crosses the mouth of Erclar Orv.


Huro-Atlantica made use of what is now the Rikutsaren Calendar, and the form it took then was not very different from how it looks today.


Huro-Atlantic Television

Huro-Atlantic Television Network

Type: State-run TV Network (online)
Date Founded: November 30, 2013

The Huro-Atlantic Television Network (also known as HATN or HATV) is an online television network that served the people of Huro-Atlantica. It was founded on November 30, 2013. It was the only state television network in Huro-Atlantica. It was headquartered in Dezabet and hosted at There were future plans to broadcast the station as a locally broadcasted news network, but there was a lack of the tools necessary to do so.

It's uncertain whether any programs were streamed using this service. WorldTV shut down in May of 2018.

Administrative Divisions

  • District of Catec
  • District of Gesırab
  • State of Regrabetpar
    • County of Wıvletar
    • Erclrab Municipality
    • Letbaw Municipality
    • Cazeb County
    • Racwıctar County
    • Letbwegras County
    • Pıvker-Jargık Municipality
    • Øk County
  • State of Dezisab
    • Ruwatar County
    • Esıped County
    • Jırelow County
    • Uwal Nerewy County
  • Autonomous Region of Boise
  • Autonomous Region of Athenia

There were some defunct administrative divisions:

Rakwiktria-Regrabetpar Territory

  • occupied same area as the later State of Regrabetpar
  • was split into the states of Desag and Regrabetpar

State of Desag

  • consisted of Hillsborough County
  • later absorbed by Regrabetpar

State of Esıped

  • consisted of the northern part of what was later Dezisab
  • absorbed by Dezisab

Gawgrabrez County

  • fmrly. Gawgrabrez Territory
  • consisted of Leelanau County with the capital at Gawgrabu [Leland]
  • ceded to the USA

Padwiv County

  • consisted of Traverse City
  • merged with Erfawicaw county to form Jırelow county

Erfawıcaw County

  • briefly called Gawgrabrez after cession of county with same name
  • consisted of the Old Mission Peninsula with the capital at Erfawicaw [Peninsula Twp.])
  • merged with Padwiv county to form Jırelow county

There are some administrative divisions that are attested by name only and have no known location:

  • Gwarbanel County
    • part of Dezisab
  • Katir Territory
  • Lathas Territory

Foreign Relations

Huro-Atlantica had strict policies regarding the establishment of Foreign Affairs, as well as distinct definitions of what each type of Foreign Relation was. These definitions are stated below:

Informal Relations

Informal Relations were relations that were not accompanied by any treaty, ordinance, decree, or other document. These relations also applied to new nations or nations previously un-affiliated in any way with Huro-Atlantica. Terms in this category included "Dialog", "Alliance (unless otherwise stated)", and "Mutual Recognition".

Formal Alliances

Formal Alliances were relations that were not accompanied by any document, but the nation involved had harbored a strong and healthy Relation with Huro-Atlantica over a sufficiently long period of time (known as the concept of Automatic Formal Relations). In a confederation (such as the De Soto Confederation), all other constituent nations would be automatically considered Formal Allies with Huro-Atlantica.

Diplomatic Alliances

Diplomatic Alliances are relations that were accompanied by a document that proves the alliance. The document had to be read and signed by both the President of Huro-Atlantica and the leader of the other nation.

Barred Relations

Certain nations could be barred from foreign relations with Huro-Atlantica if they enforced any laws that disagree with the views of the Huro-Atlantic Government, or are run by Theocratic, Fascist, Military, or Marxist-Leninist Governments.

Specific reasons for barring a nation are listed in the Barred from Relations section towards the bottom of this page.

List of Nations by Status

Nations with their names crossed out are (as of May 21st, 2015) defunct and no longer exist. However, these nations remained allies, as they never actually requested the termination of said alliance. If a leader on this list was dis-establishing their nation, they were requested to inform the President. All alliances and memberships were null as of May 21st, 2015.

Diplomatic Alliances
People's Republic of Tudovia (by Decree of the Tudovian Huro-Atlantic Treaty)
Formal Alliances
Cockatiel Empire (by Automatic Formal Relations & Membership in the De Soto Confederation)
Principality of Chitose (by membership in the De Soto Confederation)
Mangdublah (by Automatic Formal Relations & membership in the De Soto Confederation)
Kingdom of the Amaranthian Isles (by membership in the De Soto Confederation)
Informal Relations
Republic of Hasanistan
Mouzilo Empire
Narentian Federation
Empire of Los Angeles
Federal Kingdom of South-Eastern Carpathians (Now Neue Kronstadt)
Air Kingdom
Free Principality of Greater and Lesser Misery Island
The Chosen Apple Children of God
New Republic of Bodonia
Qin Republic
Principality of Lyonesse
Principality of Sabovia
Sovereign Kingdom of Whitehall
Nation of Columbian America
Kingdom of Harenfall
Topherian Empire
Independent State of Maitland
Foster Island Republic
Alpine States
Republic of Deville
Pending Relations
Democratic Republic of Leylandiistan (Pending Diplomatic Alliance since November 30th 2013)(Proposals for Informal Relations are under review.)
Republic of Viadalvia (Pending Informal Relations since October 8th 2014)

Former Member Organizations