Ceressian Republic

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Ceressian Republic - Ceres

As above, so below
Ut queant laxis
Guadalajara, Spain
Capital cityGuadalajara
Largest cityGuadalajara
Official language(s)Spanish
Official religion(s)hermeticism
GovernmentPresidencialist Democracy
- Vice-PresidentIzos Adoneos
- PresidentIzos Adoneos
LegislatureDirect democracy
Area claimed1km²
Population1 (as of 2013 census)
This nation is a member of the Organization of Micronations

Government website

The Ceressian Republic was a micronation formed on November 5, 2012. Its Supreme Leader is Izos Adoneo. It is a Republic with 1 citizen. Ceres is currently in the process of developing its own system of Government, for everyday use and contact with other micronacionalists.

Government and politics

The Government is a presidential Republic.

The President is the head of the figure of the Ceressian Republic.

The President is to sign the laws that have been passed by the people.

The President is to make diplomacy as much as possible.

The President does not misses what makes the Constitution.

The President is the guardian of the Constitution is fair and in position.

The President is the head and leader of Ceres.

The President is to protect the Constitution their rights and laws.

The Presidents is to propose new laws that well be voted by the people.

The Presidency is elected by vote of the people every year.

Law and order

Ceres is a direct democracy without political parties or politicians representing.

Law In Ceres is the tradition established in the micronation, traditions also influenced by the official religion.

Foreign relations

Ceres is a member of Organization of Micronations. Diplomatic policy is activated when a democratic micronation contact Ceres.

Ceres has no diplomatic relations with dictatorships or religious fundamentalists micronations.


Ceres does not have an army or a militia. It's a neutral pacifist micronation.


Ceressian intention is to promote the exchange instead of the traditional economy.


Religion is important in Ceres as a manifestation of cultural and art also ceressian.

The works of painting, literature and music are a tribute to Ceres hermeticism.


Ceress Press is the official media.

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