Pisces Republic

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The Pisces Republic

Grow Forth, Be Strong
The Land in My Hand
Capital citySosouenou (and it's largest city)
Official language(s)English & Bork Bork Bork
Official religion(s)Atheism, Buddhism & Islam
GovernmentParliamentary Republic
- Prime MinisterJack Booth
Established16th October 2012
Area claimed1,134m²
CurrencyEuro (EUR)
Time zoneGMT & BST
National sportCycling
National dishEgg Fried Rice
National drinkMocha
National animalPigeon
Patron saintSt. Simian

The Pisces Republic is a newly founded micronation in Swindon, United Kingdom. The country declared independence on the 16th October 2012 with Prime Minister Jack Booth signing and stamping the official declaration of independence. The flag was officially mounted in the micronation the day before, But the official independence was created a day later. The capital city of this micronation is Sosouenou which is also it's largest city. Sosouenou is commonly known for it's old market, national flag and the country's only road. The nation has a population of 299 and an area of 683 square metres. The laws for the country apply to all 7 territories or provinces. The 7 Territories are according to the area of this map released by the government: Piscesterritories.png

No. Name Capital
1 Sosouenou Market Square
2 Meridia Meroud
3 Chernswick Kerne
4 New Ceylon Pandoris
5 Rievaulx Namadiou
6 Mavisborough Baurino
7 New Maryland Mernero


The Pisces Republic has laws mainly decided by it's people through referendum elections and public surveys.


The current age of consent is 14. The current minimum age for heterosexual marriage is 18 (15 with parent's permission) and it is the same for same-sex marriage.

2013 Divorce Act

As of the 4th January 2013, Divorce will be deemed illegal unless the partner has committed any of the following acts; Adultery, 1 year desertion or Marital Failure. But you cannot get legally divorced before 6 months of marriage.


The minimum age for purchasing tobacco products is 18 and the minimum age for using tobacco products is 16. The minimum age for purchasing alcohol products is 16 and the minimum age for using alcohol products is 15. The minimum age someone can buy prescription medicine is 12. And the minimum age for any gambling activity is 11.

Domestic Issues

The minimum age to leave school is the finishing year to which they are 16. And the minimum age for moving out of home is 15. The age for criminal responsibility in this nation is 11 for which they will be tried as an adult.


The age for The minimum age to get a minor job is 13, And the minimum age to get a major job is 16. Minor and Major jobs have different minimum wages and have different maximum working hours. The current minimum wage for a minor job is €3.07 per hour and the current minimum wage for a major job is €8.20 per hour. The Maximum number of working hours allowed for a minor job is 12 hours a week. And the maximum number for a Major job is 40. Eight tenths of the nation work at the average of 30 hours a week.

Doroholm's 2013 Tax Law

As of 2013, Citizens with an Occupation that pays more or less will be given the same tax rate of 10% per month. This 10% is the only tax in the country and covers all expenses that are paid to the government. This tax is called Doroholm Tax but more commonly known as State Tax.


The economy of the Pisces Republic is thriving, Inflation is at an average of 1.4% and the interest rate by the National Bank is 2%. The nation had been using the Pound Sterling (GBP) since independence. But on the 20th November 2012, The Government made a bid to change to the Euro. Since the Pisces Republic is a micronation and not a member of the European Union, The ECB does not recognise it as an official user. But the nation will not be minting it's own national coins but will take all types of Euro Coin or Banknote.

Territory Issues

According to the local council, The area of the site which used to stand was a little bigger. But there are reports that there may be a planned blockade and a planned University Campus construction that will take up the whole country. However, These reports are confirmed but the date is unknown when construction will start. The go-ahead was given in 2008, But since the land is still derelict. The country will remain there for the time being.

Official Factory territory by the local council.
The territory not claimed by the PR is in Black, The maximum territory that can be claimed is in red.