Republic of Highlandia

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Republic of Highlandia

Highlandia flag.jpg

Libertatem et veritatem (Liberty and Truth)
God Defend Highlandia
Kentucky, USA
Capital cityTyler
Largest cityTyler
Official language(s)English (official)
Official religion(s)None
Short nameHighlandia
DemonymHighlandian (official)
Highlander (unofficial)
GovernmentRepresentative Democracy
Partial Monarchy
- PresidentVacant
LegislatureSenate and House of Governors
- Type - Representative Democracy
- Number of seats - 50 (senate), 8 (House of Governors)
- Last election - November 16th, 2012
EstablishedNovember 14th, 2012
Area claimed7.3 mi²
Population200,000 (citation needed?)
Time zoneEastern Standard
National sportCycling
National animalGolden Retriever

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The Republic of Highlandia is an independent micronation located inside the Highlands neighborhood of Louisville, KY, in the United States. It seceded November 14, 2012.


Pre Republic

In the late 1700's, the land now known as the Highlands was first settled. The Highlands flourished with old and classic style architectural houses that still stand today. In the mid 1970's, many businesses and upper and middle class people moved to the area, making the Highlands one of Louisville's most attractive neighborhoods.


On November 14, 2012, the Republic of Highlandia seceded from the Louisville Metro Area, Jefferson County, the Commonwealth of Kentucky and the United States. While none of these entities recognize Highlandia as a legitimate and sovereign state and the territory is occupied by residents of both parties, many micronations officially recognize Highlandia as an independent state.

Provinces and Territories

Highlandia blank map.jpg Highlandia is divided into 4 counties. They are as follows:

  • Tyler County
  • Cherokee County
  • Highlands County
  • Seneca County



Like most areas of the Ohio Valley region, Highlandia exepriences cold winters and sweltering summers. The Republic experiences an average January temperature of 24.9 °F, and an average July temperature of 87.0 °F. However in the spring and autumn, weather is often fair, and temperatures may be in a pleaseant 50-75 range. The Republic also recieves an average 45 inches of rainfall per year. Highlandia also sees signifigant amount of snowfall each year, capping an average of 16 inches annually.


Despite its name, Highlandia is located in a valley, slightly above sealevel. The Republic stands at about 107 ft above sea level, and variates between a few feet across the land.

Flora and Fauna

A large part of the Republic is a nature preserve, and birds such as Cardinals, Finches, Sparrows and occasionally Hawks can be seen reguarly. Common Grey Squirrels are frequent visitors as well.


National Positions

The government has three components; the executive cabinet, the Senate and the House of Governors. The cabinet consists of an elected President, who appoints a Vice President, Secretary of State, Secretary of Defense, Treasurer, Secretary of Citizenship, Secretary of the Environment and Secretary of Sport. Each of these appointees is the head of their respective government agency.

The Senate consists of 50 members, 48 of which are popularly elected, with each county electing 12 Senators. Two Senators are appointed by the President to act as representatives of the Executive Cabinet. In addition, the President appoints a speaker, whom does not have a vote, although his selection must be ratified by the rest of the Senate members. The Vice President acts as the speaker of the Senate when necessary.

The House of Governors consists of 8 elected governors, with two coming from each county. One governor handles the issues within the county, while the other's primary focus is to serve in the House. A speaker with voting privileges in the event of a tie is also elected by the eight Governors, and requires a 5-3 vote to be accepted. The House meets less frequently than the Senate, only when the President vetos a law passed by the Senate.


  • President-David Brown
  • Vice President-Gregory Platt
  • Secretary of State-Daren Green
  • Secretary of Defense-Michael Burg
  • Treasurer-Brian Bradley
  • Secretary of Citizenship-Stephanie McCollum
  • Secretary of the Environment-Amy Ramirez
  • Secretary of Sport-James Santana


Speaker: Bruce Musselwhite


  • Mary Calvert
  • Stanley Watson
  • Jeremy Cunningham
  • William Spaulding
  • Lawrence Armstrong
  • Lorenzo Santillo
  • Dorothy Martinez
  • Ruth Durante
  • Patricia Richardson
  • Mark Rademacher
  • Ivan Wallis
  • Nathan Rich


  • Maurice Reese
  • Edward Benner
  • Ronald Estes
  • Richard Hambrick
  • Jeff Simpson
  • James Hutchinson
  • Rhoda Wilson
  • Thomas Ramon
  • William Thomas
  • Arthur Evans
  • Brian Harris
  • Jeffrey Lau


  • Robert Gill
  • Travis Clark
  • Nathan Harmon
  • Robert Manzo
  • David Maddux
  • Ryan Lowery
  • Holly Campbell
  • Armando Esposito
  • Connie Hudson
  • Anthony Bohannan
  • Olivia Gunter
  • Greg Weems


  • Nicholas Garcia
  • Greg Ybarra
  • Evelyn Reynolds
  • Marion Miles
  • Edgar Coca
  • Dennis White
  • Andre Helms
  • Raymond Muse
  • Clarence Barnes
  • Brandon Wilson
  • James Judd
  • Eric Smith


  • Anthony Shelter
  • Timothy Collins

House of Governors

Speaker: Robert Pina


  • Michael Read
  • Edward Vann


  • Brandon Murray
  • Sarah Lacoste


  • Forrest Rodriguez
  • Lance O'Rourke


  • David Battaglia
  • Marilyn Southard


The Republic has 4 departments currently. They are as follows:

Highlandian Natural & Geological Survey (HNGS)- Responsible for all environmental and ecological duties in the Republic.
Head- Janice Ishamel
Deputy-Robert McCready

Department of Citizenship & Communication- Responsible for all affairs regarding citizenship, and keeping in touch with citizens.
Head- Robert Alvaro
Deputy-Kimberly Ware

Department of History- Responsible for the upkeep and development of National Historic Sites and record keeping.
Head- Helen Parker
Deputy-Paul Malveaux

Department of Foreign Affairs and Defense- Responsible for all foreign policy and protection of the Republic and its citizens.
Head- Michael Redding
Deputy-Jill Breeding

Department of Sport and Recreation- Responsible for managing the nation's national athletic teams and the organization of recreational events.
Head- Michael Cook
Deputy-David Smith