Organisation for Active Micronations

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Organisation of Active Micronations
Intermicronational organisation

Anthem "Gustav Holst- Jupiter" (orchestral)
Headquarters Victoria, Empire of Emosia
Last Secretary General Ian
Last Deputy Secretary General Cristi

Official languages Various. [note 1]

Motto “A real friend walks in when the rest of the world walks out”

Membership 47 Full Members
7 Observers

– Foundation 21 November 2018
– Dissolution 26 August 2019

Budget £345.67
website Official Forums

The Organisation of Active Micronations (a name taken from a major micronational organisation that was active from 2009 to 2011 and Organisation of Active Micronations (New Eiffel Union); abbreviated to OAM), is an intermicronational organisation founded by Empire of Aenopia with assistance from Kingdom of Lytera, created to stimulate foreign relations and the development of micronations, providing a space in which said states could develop themselves internally and externally with the assistance of larger, professional nations.

The Organisation follows in the footsteps of the more successful Organisation of Active Micronations which existed from 2009 to 2011 and the less successful but largely controversial Organisation of Active Micronations (also known to many as New Eiffel Union of Micronations) which existed from 2018 to 2019.


The Organisation of Active Micronations had achieved much since it's initial founding.

Foundation and early history

The organisation was created on 28 October 2019 by Empire of Aenopia with assistance provided in setting up the Discord server by Kingdom of Lytera. It is intended to be an organisation focused solely on the development and assisting of younger, smaller nations. The organisation has started slowly growing, with ex-OAM (NEUoM) members joining the server.


The OAM existed with several goals in mind, both within and without the micronational community.


The organisation featured a series of templates for members to ensure that all micronations had access to the creation of their own elaborate symbols such as flags, logos, coats of arms or images representing public and private corporations in each nation. With graphic design and cultural tools, micronations could launch actions related to the issuance of postage stamps, issuing banknotes or also creating their own magazines with cultural content.

Partners had access to article writing services both from the micronational entities themselves and from individuals highlighted from the micronations in the MicroWiki.

The OAM also created and participated in several community outreach events (such as the OAM Games and the Micronational Rock, Paper, Scissors tournament).

Diplomatic area

OAM members had access to a completely open market where (through free trade/defense) many states were able to find allies with whom they could cooperate to produce statistics, working papers, books and other reference materials for the cultural and economic development of the community.

Legal stability

The organisation's judicial division helped to arbitrate possible misunderstandings and disputes between members, guaranteeing a space for communication and intermicronational stability. The judicial division of the OAM had the task of preventing wars and other such conflicts between member states and other members/outside nations.

This division was created following a series of diplomatic scandals that rocked the OAM in early May 2019.

Small business assistance

The New Eiffel Times, an OAM funded business

Through the development both in graphic design and in legal stability sponsored through the organization, members had access to a space where they could find potential commercial allies with whom to develop business relationships, being able to find sponsors or financing diverse businesses in the public and private institutions of each micronation.


Membership into the OAM was open to all micronations/geofictional states. The only requirements were that the nation must have the sponsorship of an already existing full member and the applying nation must be grounded in some form of reality (eg. the applying state cannot be a roleplay/LARP). As of May 2019, there were roughly 44 full members and 7 observers at time of dissolution.

Members that are under "Red Status" were scheduled to be voted on whether they should be kicked or not.

Full members

In order of date of joining...

Flag Micronation Join date Capital City Code Notes
Empire of Aenopia 28 October 2019 New Aberdare EA
Kingdom of Lytera 28 October 2019 St. Cavendish LY



This is the official list of micronations that may be going to represent the OAM at MicroCon and Pre-MicroCon.

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