North American Micronational Culture Organization

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North American Micronational Culture Organization
NAMCO logo 2011.png
Official logo

Headquarters N/A

Official language English

Membership 2 member nations

Chairman William of North America
Vice-Chairman vacant

Foundation March 14, 2009
Reorganization of NAMCO January 2, 2011
Website Official Forum

The North American Micronational Culture Organisation (NAMCO) is an organisation, created by the Empire of New Europe under the suggestion of the Republic of Petorio on March 14, 2009. Its function is to document aspects of North American micronational culture.

NAMCO currently documents a list of North American micronations, and certain aspects of their culture that stand out from other cultures of North America. Most micronations reside in the United States and Canada. Although historically micronations from Mexico have existed. NAMCO does not include micronations existing south of Mexico.

Members of NAMCO

Flag English Short Name English Long Name Capital Currency Domestic Short Names
Flag of angador.png Angador Prosia of Angador Luinnar Ceil C English: Angador Coa anga.png
FTSR Flag.png N.A.C. North American Confederation N/A Amero A English: North America NAC coat of arms design2.png

North American micronational languages

  • Deseret alphabet (Molossia)


Samples: They úre þundressive

Túr úre múch amble
Sample: Súildd médd ad teach.
Translation into English: I walk home.
  • English

North American micronational flags

Other North American micronational flags

These flags are historical, territorial, governmental and military flags of North American micronations.

North American micronational currency

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