Florenian Journal

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Florenian Journal
Front page of the Florenian Journal
Type Newspaper
Format Online blog
Owner The Prince Nathan
Founder The Prince Nathan
Publisher Wordpress
Editor The Prince Nathan
Founded 2011
Political alignment Neutral
Language English
Official website The Florenian Journal

The Florenian Journal is a Florenian newspaper, and is the only news publication based in Florenia. Operating in the form of an online blog operated by Wordpress, the Florenian Journal reports primarily on stories pertaining to Florenia, its government, Monarch, Royal Family, and any news relating to the Kingdom. It has also reported on stories pertinent to the MicroWiki sector, primarily in the form of opinion pieces and editorials.

The paper has also published stories regarding macronational affairs and incidents. Such an incident was the Boston Marathon Bombing of 2013, in which the Prime Minister released a statement expressing condolences and declared a state of national mourning. An article of similar nature was printed regarding the Sandy Hook Elementary shootings in Newtown, Connecticut, which was partially due to the tragedy's relative proximity to the Kingdom. The Florenian Journal is often used as a means for releasing statements and information by the Florenian government.

The Florenian Journal is owned and operated by The Prince Nathan, who serves as its editor and has authored all published material to date.