St.Charlie Expo 2010

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St.Charlie Expo 2010

Logo of the Expo
Theme: Six Hundred St.Charlian Days
(Italian) Seicento Giorni St.Charliani
Status Concluded
Date July 23, 2010 - August 3, 2010
Sites District, St.Charlie
Tor Pendente, St.Charlie
Caroline Charlotte, St.Charlie

The St.Charlie Expo 2010, officially the 2010 St.Charlian National Exposition was a national exposition that took place in District, Tor Pendente and Caroline Charlotte, St.Charlie from July 23 to August 3rd, 2010. The theme of the Expo was "Six-Hundred St.Charlian Days" with subthemes of "Preservation and Development of a Micronational Economy", "Micronational Tourism", and "Priority on the Decoration: the Bad Side of Micronationalism". The Expo anticipated around 20 visitors, between St.Charlian and Italian citizens, although the official number of visitors was between 10 and 15.

Initially based only in the Capital city, due to various issues, it was decided to extend it to other two cities, so to allow more people to participate. The St.Charlian Government has already declared that a 2011 Expo is very likely to take place.


Hosting and selection process

Contrary to macronational expositions and international expos, the hosting cities for St.Charlian fairs are chosen through a process that gives a higher priority to the locations that are more easily accessible and can host an event for more than three days. In the case of the 2010 expo, the main cities proposed were Caroline Charlotte and District. The first one, however, was later excluded due to the high prices of transportation: District could be reached by more visitors.

Later, two other federations, Caroline Charlotte and Tor Pendente were chosen to host events.


A map showing District's Administrative Divisions. The Sapphire Hotel is located in Lakefort (red) while the sports and conference center are in Branson, in downtown District (blue)


District is located in the center of Italy. With 5 inhabitants (though with a registered population of about 36), the city and nearby boroughs are known for their large gardens, parks and a well-preserved Mediterranean ecosystem. The District area features a lake located in the southern end of the Federation, in Lakefort. In the Federation’s vicinities lies the town of Cerveteri, famous for a number of Etruscan necropoleis. The capital city of Italy, Rome, is just 42 km from the border.

With the development of government offices and entertaining facilities, Branson and its adjacent areas have become center of growth in St.Charlie. While Caroline Charlotte is becoming the largest military and industrial area of St.Charlie, District has grown into the largest a hub for internal and foreign affairs.


The site of the event is both in Branson, in downtown District, and Lakefort, the county located in the south of the capital city. The area of the Expo covers 10000m². After being nominated the host of the Expo in June 2010, District began a considerable task to reshape the city and nearby counties. The former Headquarters of the St.Charlie Armed Forces in Lakefort have started a refurbishing process, which turned the premises into the new Sapphire Hotel. The planned works ended on July 21 and the Hotel was used by guests coming from other federations.

The city night lights have been once again improved, using energy-saving lightbulbs. The expo site was in the beginning expected to have pavilions, gardens, and the local sports and conference centre, but in the end, pavillions weren't organized.


Heinrich Schneider, Magnus de Armis and Fabiana Gallo della Loggia took part to the main expo in District. Alexander Reinhardt then participated in Caroline Charlotte from July 28 to August 3 with Leonard Von Sternberg, who was unable to attend the main event in the Capital City.


Pat, the mascot of the 2010 Expo.

Pat was the mascot of the St.Charlie Expo 2010. An acronym of the name Patrizio, it's a West highland white terrier, the same breed of former President Whisky I. A Westie was chosen in honor of the former head of State of St.Charlie that passed away in March 2010, while the name was based on the former king of St.Charlie. Pat appeared on the commemorative cards that were sent to foreign micronationalists.



  • Six Hundred St.Charlian Days

The main theme of the exposition reflected the changes that the Federal Republic has been going through in about one year and a half of existence; from the November Revolution to the Commonwealth. It also delved into what the future of St.Charlie will be and into the new generation of politicians, formed by students from the Federations and Territories, as opposed to the old one, mostly composed of veterans of the Revolution. Other related discussions were taken, such as the concept of independence both in terms of politics and of self-sustainability.

Throughout the Expo, several reforms were discussed and planned by Reinhardt, Schneider and De Armis including the Financial reform and the new bill on Education.


  • Preservation and Development of a Micronational Economy

Exhibitions on this sub-theme includes a debate and discussion with St.Charlian economists Athlon Strauss and Heinrich Schneider; however, only Schneider was able to participate. Discussions that took place in the Expo lead to the conclusion that a micronational economy, if it has to be implemented, needs to give a value to its generally worthless currency, and use it in all ways possible, such as, for instance, in a stock market. From what came up in the debates, an economy in a micronational environment must be formed so that both the Government of a micronation, and its citizens, can use it, work in it, and eventually gain profit from it.

  • Micronational Tourism

Micronational tourism is generally very hard to achieve, with only a few micronations being able to have a sustainable tourism to their micronations. Eventual exhibitions on this sub-theme were planned to mainly focus on how tourism can be organized micronationally, what can improve it and, based on the example of the Republic of Molossia, what attractions can be set up for tourists. Nothing much was said on this sub-theme, although plans were made regarding an eventual 2011 Expo.

  • Priority on the Decoration: the Bad Side of Micronationalism

This sub-theme focuses on the idea that micronations that acquire great success within the internet or large communities are often famous for the way they appear, rather than the way they're formed. Microstates that ended up on newspapers or the television, are recognized usually for their flags, or decorative parts, rather than their laws or political structures. The debate, hosted by Alexander Reinhardt did not take place, as he Prime Minister decided to bring it "to a higher level" and propose the question to other micronationalists.



District was already expected to carry out most of the themes and events. The Aberystwyth Agreement, the alliance between Government and Opposition signed at the Welsh city in 2009 was expected to be signed again by the current leader of the Opposition, Magnus de Armis, although it was decided not to due to the absence of Nicolò Alvisi. A nuit blanche also took place on the 26th, with discussions that took place from 10pm to 5am in the morning.

Caroline Charlotte

Caroline Charlotte was already in the beginning very likely to expose its industrial background and ind therefore focus less on micronational tourism. Leonard Von Sternberg described the Expo as a "way to show the works of the Caroline Charlotte Military Academy" and a debate regarding the role of the armed forces in the micronational world took place with Reinhardt and President of Caroline Charlotte Heinrich Ritter. Videos were taken and are expected to be published by September 2010.

Tor Pendente

Throughout the Expo, Tor Pendente didn't publish its program, and events ran very informally throughout the exposition. There were rumors that the current civil and penal code drafted by Nicolò Alvisi would have been shown, although it didn't happen.


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