New Socialist Party (St.Charlie)

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New Socialist Party
LeaderAlex Specter
Sante Belfort
(Deputy Leader)
FoundedJanuary 23, 2009
HeadquartersNew Ridgeway, St.Charlie
IdeologySocial democracy
Political positionCenter-left
International affiliationIntermicronational Socialist Alliance
Seats in Parliament
6 / 10
2 / 6
Seats in local assemblies
5 / 14

Anthem: "La Libertà" ("Liberty") by Giorgio Gaber

The New Socialist Party (Italian: Nuovo Partito Socialista, acronym: N.S.P.), was a political party and only left-wing party in the Federal Republic of St.Charlie.

The S.C.S.P. (originally St.Charlian Socialist Movement) was created the 23rd of January 2009, after the signing of the Branson Act 2009, which gave the possibility to the citizens of St.Charlie to create political parties. Leaded and founded by Fabiana Gallo della Loggia, the party ran against the National Party in the General Elections of 2010 but was defeated in elections held in January 2010, receiving 35.1% of the total votes.


The logo of the party from 2009 to 2010 and designed by Gallo della Loggia

The Socialist Party was founded the 23rd of January 2009, after the approval of the Branson Act 2009, as an opposition to the National Party of St.Charlie, which was the only party, and also, with conservative ideologies.

The old logo of the SCSP consists mainly of a rainbow, in a red circle, with a red star on the right, without the famous "hammer and sickle": this was done to indicate the party's and the founder's ideology, which didn't want to create a "far left" political movement.

Fabiana Gallo della Loggia, founder of the political party, declared herself "the defender of those who always smelled a bad stench in the foundations of the NPSC". However, during 2009, the relationship between the opposition party and the NPSC have developed due to several events which had a bipartisan agreement, such as the signing of the GUM constitution and the support in the Abruzzo region. In April 23, 2009, during a school exposition, the Socialist Movement joined the Intermicronational Socialist Alliance.

Gallo della Loggia led the Party through the General Elections of 2010, but resigned from the title of General Secretary after the relatively low result. She was succeeded by Magnus de Armis and was nominated Vice Secretary General of the Movement. On April 20, she officially resigned from the title of Vice Secretary, ending officially her career in the SCSM. She was succeeded by Nicolò Alvisi.

SCSP candidate for 2011 elections is vice-secretary general, Nicolò Alvisi.

National Congress

The logo of the party from 2010 to 2012

The National Congress of the party is a virtual congress, proposed by Nicolò Alvisi during June 2012 and staterd the 5th July. The meanings of the congress are the reorganization of the party after the defeat during the last election, writing of a formal "constitution act" of the Party, writing of a list of ideals of the Party, writing of the internal bureaucracy and structure, possible change of name, symbol, Secretary and Vice-Secretary, search of other people interested in the project, inscription of St.Charlian citizens as Socialist supporters. During the congress the name of the party and the logo have been updated and the 9 July the name and the logo, proposed by Alex Specter, changed. At the congress was also invited the members of the former "St Charlian Green Party" of Riley Small never really activated and merged with the NSP.

Timeline of Leaders

The chief of the party is also called "Leader of the New Socialist Party". The leading opposition party is also called "Leader of the Opposition" although this title is often only used by the newspapers.

Leader Portrait Constituency Took Office Left Office Remarks
Fabiana Gallo della Loggia Sc1gallodellaloggia.PNG Fed Newbranson.png New Branson 23 January 2009 4 January 2010 First leader of the opposition. Founder of the SCSM. Signed the Aberystwyth Agreement.
Magnus de Armis Dearmis14.jpg Fed Newbranson.png New Branson 4 January 2010 16 February 2013 Was elected President of the General Assembly. Wrote the Statute.
Alex Specter File:Eastwoodphmarch13.jpg Atlantis.flag.png Atlantis 16 February 2013 Incumbent Was elected Prime Minister in 2013. Author of the renewment of the party.

Timeline of Deputy Leaders

Name Constituency Took Office Left Office Leader
Magnus de Armis Fed Newbranson.png New Branson 30 August 2009 4 January 2010 Fabiana Gallo della Loggia
Fabiana Gallo della Loggia Fed Newbranson.png New Branson 4 January 2010 20 April 2010 Magnus de Armis
Nicolò Alvisi Fed TPSC.png Tor Pendente 20 April 2010 1 October 2014 Magnus de Armis
Alex Specter
Sante Belfort Atlantis.flag.png Atlantis 1 October 2014 Incumbent Alex Specter

List of Congress

Congress Date Days Leader Deputy Leader Remarks
1st Congress 5/07 - 8/07 2012 4 Magnus de Armis Nicolò Alvisi Intermediated legislature Congress. Renewement of the Party.
2nd Congress 15/10 - 20/10 2012 6 Magnus de Armis Nicolò Alvisi Congress before Decision 2013.
3rd Congress 26/10 - 1/11 2013 7 Alex Specter Nicolò Alvisi Congress before Decision 2014.
4th Congress 18/05 - 19/05 2014 2 Alex Specter Nicolò Alvisi Intermediated legislature Congress.

Statute of St.Charlian Socialist Party

The statute of the SCSP was published by Magnus de Armis on April 20, 2010, and can be found here.

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