People's Republic of Montania

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People's Republic of Montania


Coat of arms
Motto: Democracy, Brotherhood, Fatherland
Anthem: March of the People
CapitalRizania de facto
Largest cityRizania
Official languagesEnglish, Russian, Ashukov
GovernmentUnitary constitutional republic with direct democracy
• President
Brooklyn Hewitt
Richard Cunningham
LegislaturePeople's Assembly
Establishment15 April 2013
• Census
CurrencyAshukov Denar
Time zoneEST, UTC

Montania, officially the People's Republic of Montania or the Second People's Republic of Montania was a small North American State of the Ashukov Federation. A former constituent nation of the Confederation of Saint Luke and Amager (February 2013 - April 2013), Montania became a Socialist Republic a few months before founding the Ashukov Federation on May 25, 2013. It later renounced Marxism-Leninism as the official state ideology and became a unitary republic with direct democratic elements. It was dissolved on 14 December 2013, becoming the Ashukov Federal Territory of Montania and later the Principality of Montania.


The name "Montania" is derived from the Spanish word Montaña, meaning "mountain".


The independence of the Federal Republic of Montania, Montania's first incarnation, was declared on 28 January 2013. Following a socialist coup and a brief provisional government, the People's Republic of Montania was established.

The Establishment (January 2013)

Montania was established on 29 January 2013, after the dissolution of a micronation known as Plaktukai, by Brooklyn Hewitt, Zachary Wallace and Kaushik Legata.

The Amagerian Era (February 2013 - April 2013)

Montania joined the Confederation of Saint Luke and Amager on 6 February 2013. Following the resignation of First Minister Jules Grant, the Labour Party of Amager, established by Brooklyn Hewitt and Vladimir II of Doshevika, came to power with Leon Simpson's ascension to the office of First Minister.

On 6 April 2013, following Doshevika's declaration of independence, the Confederation of Amager was dissolved by the Federal Assembly and Montania re-gained its full sovereignty.

Single-Party Rule (April 2013 - May 2013)

Following the dissolution of Amager, Brooklyn Hewitt established the Communist Party of Montania and lead a socialist coup against the Federal Republic. The coup was successful, and the Provisional People's Government was established, with Hewitt as its Chairman. This coup lead to the establishment of a single-party system in Montania.

Nine days later, the People's Republic of Montania was established as a single-party socialist republic, lead by the Communist Party of Montania. The 1st Constitution of the People's Republic was adopted, which stated that the Communist Party was the leading force in society.

Ashukovo (May 2013 - Present)

On 25 May 2013 Montania joined Akharnes, Dorien and Dradelia to found the Ashukov Federation. Since then, the Montanian government declined in activity, with all regional representatives setting a primary focus on Federal matters. The Second Constitution of the People's Republic was adopted on 4 September 2013 by the Constitutional Congress. In December 2013, Montania became an Ashukov Federal Territory after President Brooklyn Hewitt announced her temporary leave from micronationalism.

Government and Politics

Montania's time in Ashukovo has made it a more democratic state than its predecessors, with all major offices elected by the population through the direct-democratic People's Assembly. Montania has since its establishment been a fairly leftist state, as is shown by the political dominance of the Labour Party of Ashukovo.

All legislative and executive power lies with the President. The President issues Presidential Decrees which have the force of law, unless they are vetoed or repealed by the People's Assembly. The People's Assembly consists of all citizens of Montania above the age of 13 who wish to take part. The People's Assembly does not possess legislative powers, as they lie with the President.

Members of the Government



Montania is a unitary state, consisting of two types of subdivisions; Towns and Territories.


Towns are inhabited territories which are fully incorporated into Montania. They are locally administered by Town Councils, which consist of all willing Citizens of the Town above the age of ten.

Name Flag Population Description
Bargeria 2 A small enclave of the State of West Virginia with an area of 1.5 acres. Borders the Austenasian Crown Dependency of New Richmond
Rizania 8 A small enclave of the Commonwealth of Kentucky with an area of 2 acres. Most densely populated Town


Territories are uninhabited territories which are fully incorporated into Montania. Because they have no population, law is enforced by a Commissioner, who is appointed by the President and serves at his pleasure.

Name Flag Commissioner Description
Ostrovia Richard Cunningham Two small islands located along the border of Kentucky and West Virginia. Largest province with an area of approximately 4 acres


Montanian culture is mainly influenced by Slavic and Amagerian cultures.


American football, basketball and golf are the most popular sports in Montania.