Labour Party of Ashukovo

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Labour Party of Ashukovo
Leader Joseph Kennedy (First Secretary)
Founded May 25, 2013
Ideology Bolivarianism, Democratic Socialism, Marxism, Environmentalism
National affiliation Ashukovo flag.png Ashukov Federation
Official colours Red
Federal Assembly
2 / 9

Ashukov Federation

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Politics and government of
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The Labour Party of Ashukovo (commonly referred to as the LPA or simply as the Labour Party) is a democratic socialist Ashukov party. It was established on May 25, 2013 upon the foundation of Ashukovo. The LPA holds 3 seats in the Federal Assembly of Ashukovo.


The party's organisational structure was established by the Party Constitution. The primary organs of the party are:

  • Party Congress, the highest body of the party, which elects:
    • Political Bureau, consisting of no more than five members, which elects:
      • First Secretary, presiding officer of the Politburo and head of the party.

The incumbent First Secretary is Joseph Kennedy, and the Politburo currently consists of Joseph Kennedy and Sebastian Schriber.


The Labour Party of Ashukovo has three regional branches:

  • Labour Party of Akharnes
  • Labour Party of Kasimovia
  • Labour Party of Montania

Timeline of First Secretaries

Picture Name Term start Term end Notes
Ashukovo arms.png Joseph Kennedy 25 May 2013 25 July 2013 Founder of the party. Used title of "Leader."
Ashukovo arms.png Joseph Kennedy 25 July 2013 Incumbent