Montanian Monarchy

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Prince of Montania
Arms of Montania.png
George II Emmanuel

Style His Serene Highness
Heir presumptive Prince Alexander Emmanuel, Duke of Fayette
First monarch Joseph I Emmanuel
Formation 4 January 2014

The Crown Prince of Montania is an honorary monarchial position in Montania, similar to the Steward in Saint Luke and Amager. The current Crown Prince is His Serene Highness George II Emmanuel, Crown Prince of Montania.

Powers and Duties

According to Montanian law and tradition, the Prince has sole prerogative over the following:

  • Sovereign over the Order of Saint Vladimir
  • Awards hereditary and non-hereditary noble titles and peerages
  • Serves as the figurehead of Montanian culture


The Monarchy was established on 4 January 2014 by Joseph Kennedy, who proclaimed himself "His Serenity Joseph I Emmanuel, Prince of Montania". Joseph I Emmanuel ruled over Montania as sovereign monarch for over six months, when he declared the Monarchy to be an honourary post and appointed himself Provisional President of Montania. He abdicated from the Throne on 6 August 2014, and the throne was inherited by his brother, then known as George Emmanuel.

List of heads of state of Montania

Reign no. Image Name House Title Reign length Life Claim Standard Notes
HRH The Grand Duke Joseph.jpg
Joseph I Emmanuel House of Emmanuel Prince 4 January 2014
6 August 2014
31 January 2014
Established nation and monarchy
Princely Standard of Montania.png
Founded Montania. Previously held the offices of President, Chairman, and Premier in the various Montanian Republics. Near-absolute monarch for the first part of his reign, later became a ceremonial figurehead. Abdicated from the throne on 6 August 2014 in order to focus on political matters. After his abdication, he became known in the Princely family as Prince Joseph Emmanuel, Duke of Saint Josephsburg.
George II Emmanuel House of Emmanuel Prince 6 August 2014
4 August 2003
Brother of Joseph I Emmanuel
Princely Standard of Montania.png
Assumed the Throne on his brother's abdication. Ceremonial monarch.